How to Make a Hole in the Floor in Bloxburg

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Do you play the popular game on Roblox called Bloxburg and want to do something fun like making a hole to trap someone? If the answer to the question is yes, please read the whole article so you will be able to make a hole in the floor in the game.

In order to make a hole in the floor in Bloxburg, you need to purchase a gamepass named Basements. Basements refer to the gamepass and a feature that was added in the game version of 0.7.4. It allows players to build underneath the first level in Build Mode. If you want to access the feature, you must spend R$100 in order to build basements, which is currently the cheapest one in the game.

For those who want to insert a basement, you first need to go into the Build Mode option and then open up the Build section. After that, choose the Basement tab. Placing a basement is similar to placing a pool, and you are allowed to choose how big your basement is.

According to Wiki, a 1×1 square of basement costs $25. If you have a plan to go down to the basement level, you have to press the down arrow on the bottom right area of your screen. It allows you to place items, walls, and so on in the basement. Please keep in mind that basements cannot be colored and need walls or floors to have items placed on them.

So, how to make a hole in the floor in Bloxburg? To make a hole in the floor in the game, make sure you have a square in the middle of your carpet and that it is all centered. The square that you need to get is called Outlined Round Carpet. This one is still a simple and abstract round carpet, but with a nice outline. It is available in any color. How much does it cost for an Outlined Round Carpet? According to Wiki, it costs $50.

After getting the Outlined Round Carpet, you need to use the basement tool for the hole. When it is done, you just put flooring down but not in the very center. Floors can be described as the lower surfaces of a building. They are able to be bought from Build Mode for $3 per square of floor. Just like roofs, you are allowed to automatically place them in a room. However, for further precision, you are allowed to manually choose points to place down a piece of custom floor.

For detailed information on how to make a hole in the floor in Bloxburg, it is better for you to watch the tutorial videos on Youtube. One of the most recommended is the one about how to make a trap by LittlestGloria. Aside from that, you are also encouraged to watch the other videos for reference. In case you have any questions, you are allowed to leave a comment under the comment section.

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