How to Make a Porch in Bloxburg

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The term porch refers to a covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a house or building in general. Actually, the structure is external to the walls of the building but it may be enclosed in particular kinds of frames including walls, columns or screens, extending from the mains structure.

For those who play Bloxburg and want to make a porch in the game, the first thing that you have to do is to build a basement. Basements is the name of a feature that was added in Version 0.7.4. This one allows players to build underneath the first level in Build Mode. Players have to purchase the Basements gamepass if they want to build basements. This gamepass is currently the cheapest one in the game, costing only R$100.

If you want to insert a basement, the first thing that you have to do is to go into the Build Mode option and then open up the Build section. Then, choose the Basement tab. Placing a basement is like placing a pool, and you will be able to select how big your basement is.

According to Wiki, a 1×1 square of basement costs $25. If you want to go down to the basement level, you need to press the down arrow on the bottom right area on the screen. It will allow you to place items, walls, and so on in the basement. Please keep in mind that basements cannot be colored and need walls or floors to have items placed on them.

After inserting the basement, you need to add stairs then small shaker cabinets. Here is the list of the shaker cabinet that you can purchase:

  1. Shaker Half Cabinet: $60
  2. Shaker Shelf Cabinet: $100
  3. Shaker Cabinet: $120
  4. Shaker Glass Cabinet: $150
  5. Tall Shaker Half Cabinet: $160
  6. Tall Shaker Shelf Cabinet: $200
  7. Tall Shaker Cabinet: $220
  8. Tall Shaker Glass Cabinet: $250
  9. Shaker Fridge Cabinet: $240
  10. Shaker Microwave Cabinet: $240
  11. Shaker Oven Cabinet: $240
  12. Shaker Pantry Cabinet: $240
  13. Tall Shaker Fridge Cabinet: $240
  14. Tall Shaker Microwave Cabinet: $240
  15. Tall Shaker Oven Cabinet: $240
  16. Tall Shaker Pantry Cabinet: $240

The next thing that you have to do is to color the cabinets, stairs, and walls. Actually, it is optional. Coloring them is for the aesthetic purpose only, there is no special purpose of it. Feel free to use any color that you want. After that, you are able to start to build your home or dwelling. The last thing that you have to do is to add ramps and paint them.

There are two kinds of ramp that you can choose. The first one is Plain Ramp. Plain Ramp is a normal ramp. This one costs $250. The second one is Classic Ramp. The price of this ramp is double the second one. You can choose any ramp that you want. The only difference is probably the color.

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