How to Make a Roblox Obby

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In this page, we will be teaching you how to make a Roblox obby by using Roblox Studio. Using this method might be confusing at first, but after reading everything, you might just have your obby on the front page of Roblox.

Part 1: Entering Roblox Studio

In order to enter the Roblox Studio, the first thing that you have to do is to sign up for Roblox or sign in to the existing account. It is important so that you can save and publish your game onto the Roblox website and possibly have it become popular. Then, go to the top blue menu and click on the Create tab located at the top of the page. It is where you will find all your places and games. Please hit the Edit button if you have one ready. If not, then create one with the next step.

The next thing that you have to do is to click on the green button that says Create New Place. You will be taken to a menu where you will fill in the information regarding the place. You can start off with a simple baseplate and the rest is up to you. When you are done, click Create Place in Advanced Settings. After that, select Edit. It will prompt you to either download Roblox Studio, update it, or open it. The last thing that you have to do is to set up a few things to be prepared for making the obby by going to the top menu and selecting View. Do not forget to make sure you have Toobox, Explorer, and Properties selected.

Part 2: Having an obby system

Please follow these steps to have an obby system. First, set up a stage system so your name can work properly. Second, type in Polar systems. Third, right click the object and select ungroup. Fourth, review the three new items in your Explorer. Fifth, to make Star 2, right click star 1. Sixth, paste the copy into the game by right clicking the grey baseplate and selecting paste or pressing Ctrl+V. Seventh, go to where your Explorer is located and right click one of the 1s. Eighth, click Play that can be found at the top menu and walk over to the second star. Ninth, delete the baseplate so it will be more difficult to compete.

Part 3: Making the lobby

To make the lobby, please follow these instructions. First, create the lobby. Second, go to the Toolbox and open the drop down menu. Third, wait for another drop down menu to appear.  Fourth, choose any brick you want. Fifth, go to the menu and select scale. Sixth, to make sure the brick stays floating, make sure it is Anchored. Seventh, drag the star named 1 onto it. Eighth, decorate as you want.

Part 4: Making obstacles

First, make the red lines that can be seen in checkerboard patterns or just simply jumps called Lava Jumps. Second, make disappearing stairs, a common obstacle that needs some script work.

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