How to Make a Underground Garage in Bloxburg

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Do you play the popular game called Bloxburg and want to make an underground garage in the game? If the answer to the question is yes, there is a good video on Youtube of how to make an underground garage in the game. This one was posted by lego3708 roblox on the platform on February 2, 2019. Since the first time its release, it has gained 458 views and 10 likes.

If you want to make an underground garage in Bloxburg, you need two gamepasses. The first one is Advanced Placing and the second one is Basements. Advanced Placing is the name of the gamepass that is a really good help if you like to build often or are really into it at all.  This one allows you to place objects without collision checks in Build Mode, meaning they are able to be placed inside each other. You need to know that players without this gamepass will always have collision checks toggled on. This gamepass costs R$200.

Meanwhile, Basements is the name of a gamepass and a feature that was added in the game version of 0.7.4. It allows players to build underneath the first level in Build Mode. For those who want to access the basement feature, you must purchase this gamepass in order to build basements for R$100, which is currently the cheapest one in the game.

Aside from the gamepasses, you also have to purchase some things such as walls, pillars, floors, doors, and so on. Floors are known as the lower surfaces of a building that can be bought from Build Mode for $3 per square of floor. Just like a roof, you can automatically place floors in a room. Walls can be described as structures in the game that help support a building. They cost $8 per 1×1 tile and can be placed anywhere on a plot. In addition, they also allow objects to be placed on it, such as doors, wall décor, windows, and wall trim.

in order to make your underground prettier, you can add some items. Here are some recommended items that you can get:

  • Plain Double Door: $200
  • Round Wide Pillar: $170
  • Left Plain L-Stairs: $350
  • Rustic Cabinet: $220
  • Rustic Glass Cabinet: $250
  • Elegant Counter: $350
  • Simple Fan: $225
  • Premier Spotlight: B$40
  • OAK Shelf: $40
  • Simplicity Shelf: $20
  • Empty OAK Bookcase: $145
  • Simplicity Wardrobe: $190
  • Round Mirror: $430
  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinet: $395
  • Gears: $345
  • Pure Plant: $220
  • Spontaneous Floor Plant: $190
  • Wooden Step stool: $150
  • Etc.

Feel free to make any kind of underground garage that you want. For detailed information on how to make an underground garage in Bloxburg, it is better for you to watch the tutorial videos on Youtube. As stated before, one of the most recommended is the one by lego3708 roblox. Aside from that, you are also encouraged to watch the other videos for reference. If you have any questions, you are allowed to leave a comment under the comment section of the Youtube video.

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