How to Make Cheap Apartments on Bloxburg NYC

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Are you looking for ways on how to make the cheap apartments in Bloxburg NYC? Of course, you are on the right page now. Well, we are here to give you those ways. So, please keep visiting this page to get a clear tutorial.

Apartment in Bloxburg is such a great building as everyone’s desire. Of course, anyone who plays in Bloxburg really wants to have the apartment. Unfortunately, not all players are capable of building the apartment. Then, they will need some references to get started building the apartment.

So, here are the ways on how to make the cheap apartment on Bloxburg:

Step 1: Decide the Size of Apartment

The first way that you have to do is to decide the size of apartment that you want to build. However, the size of the building that you will create is really important. Certainly, it will determine how big your apartment is and the price too.

Step 2: Go to Build Mode Option

After you decide the size of your apartment, it is your turn to get started going to the Build Mode Option in Minecraft. Then, open up the Build section.

Step 3: Start to Place Wall

When you are in Build mode, you can get started to place the wall as the base of the building. To place the wall, you can take it, click and move the wall if you want to place it and move it to another space. When placing the wall, you absolutely ensure to place it based on your apartment design.

Step 4: Choose the Door Frame

After you place all walls as needed, you can continue to choose the door frame. As you can see in your inventory in which there are many kinds of door frames that you can choose. Make sure that you choose the awesome one as your passion. Then, place them in available space.

Step 5: Place Floor

Then, you are able to continue building your apartment by placing the floor. Of course, you can also choose the design of the floor as great as possible. Then, click and place it based on the available flooring area.

Step 6: Paint Your Wall

Absolutely, to make your apartment a more awesome and attractive look, you can totally paint your wall. In this case, you are able to choose the enchanting and inviting color paint to present an exotic apartment. Choosing the wall paint, it is automatically related to the creator’s favorite. Then, make sure to choose the color as your favorite.

Step 7: Place Pillars

Of course, when you build the apartment, you will need to place pillars. However, pillars can be something needed to make a building stronger.

Step 8: Build Second Floor

The apartment identically has two floors. Certainly, in this step, we also give you the ways to build the second floor. It is so easy to build the second floor. It is because to build either the first floor, second and third floor has the same way at all.

So, you can imitate the ways when you build the first floor. You can get started to place the floor, then wall and other materials.

Step 9: Place Fences

After you paint your wall, you can totally place the fences. In this case, the fence can be used to mark your building and as a divider with the other buildings.

Step 10: Decorate Your Apartment

The last way, you can continue to decorate your apartment. In this step, you can place a sofa, flowers, desk, mirror and more.

If you want to get the ways in detail, you can watch a video from Gabbs entitled ROBLOX: Bloxburg | NYC Apartment – Speed build. 67K at here.

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