How to Make Your Own Roblox Icon

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To attract other players visiting your profile, of course, you have to make your profile as gorgeous as possible. The main thing that makes people so comfortable in your profile is to look at your profile icon. In fact, there are many players who are really interested to see your Roblox profile icon.

Then, it means that you can make people cozier on your profile if you have an inviting profile icon. Unfortunately, not all players are really capable of creating the Roblox icon, most of them just use the default Roblox icon. Of course, you do not want it, do you?

If you want to make your Roblox icon more amazing to look, you definitely should make your own Roblox icon. By making it, we guess that you will create it as you love than the default icon in Roblox.

How to Make Your Own Roblox Icon

Step 1: Look for an Image

  • The first thing that you have to do is to look for the image from the internet using your browser. Of course, you can use Firefox, Google Chrome and many more.
  • Open your browser, then, search for the image that you want to make a Roblox icon. Make sure that you search the image depending on the theme, for example: gun icon, sniper icon and many more.
  • You can also determine the shape and the size of the image such as square, rectangle or circle.
  • Then, find the image based on the shape as you want.
  • After you get it, drag the chosen image to your desktop.

Step 2: Open Roblox

  • By opening the game of Roblox, it is needed to use your Roblox character, then, added it to your icon. Of course, it is so simply to get more score of your Roblox profile.
  • Choose your character image, then, drag it to your desktop.

Step 3: Edit the Images

  • After you get two images to be an icon, now, you can open both of your icons to edit.
  • Then, choose the first icon, then leave the one alone.
  • Of course, to combine the two images, you can use an image editor on your PC. But, if you use a Mac, you can just click C and P commands.
  • To make your icon more gorgeous and inviting look, you can also use the Roblox logo to your icon.
  • After you finally create it, close it.

Step 4: Set Your New Roblox Icon

  • It is time for you to set a new Roblox icon by clicking the three dots.
  • Then, click Configure it. Choose Game Icon menu.
  • After that, go to Change the Icon.
  • Then, browse your image, choose the icon as you have created. Then, click Upload Image button. Click Save.
  • Go back to see the changes of your icon.
  • If your Roblox icon has changed, it means that you succeed in creating your Roblox icon.

If you directly want to create your Roblox icon in detail, you actually can watch the video from nyght entitled Roblox- How to make a game icon! [Free] that you can access here.

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