How to Move Your Whole House in Bloxburg

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What kind of activities do you like to do in Bloxburg? As we know that in that game, we are able to do anything including building a house, explore the city of Bloxburg, working, hanging out, having vehicles and many more.

Building a house is one of the activities in the game which is fun to do. Here, you will act like an architecture where you have to build it by yourself and then design it as you want. You are able to build not only a house but also a cafe, restaurant, pet shop and other buildings.

The building system in the Bloxburg game enables you to be able to put furniture, walls, windows, vehicles and more on your plot. So, you are able to make your own unique and original home. On Youtube, you are able to see videos about houses in Bloxburg and those are amazing. You can make your house simple but nice, but you can also make a luxurious house that can make other players envy.

You are able to make houses and any other buildings in Bloxburg because in the game there is a Build Mode. Do you know what it is? If you often play this game, you are surely familiar with it. Build Mode is an advanced building system which permits you to create virtual architecture on a 30×30 grid which is able to be upgraded to 50×50 with the Large Plot gamepass.

You are able to build whatever you like in Build Mode and you are able to choose from Starter Houses which can be edited in real time. Also, Build Mode includes a catalog of assets and house amenities that are able to be added onto your house by using the active concept of currencies in the game.

Talk about making houses in Bloxburg, you may have made a house now in the game. And then, you want to move it to another position. Well, is it possible to do? It seems that it is impossible for you to move the whole house that you have made into another position. There is no feature to move your whole house to another location in the game. If you want to move your house, you have to rebuild it in a position that you want.

So, if now you have to move your house in Bloxburg, you have to rebuild it. You can delete it first or just let it there and then go to a place that you want and then rebuild the house there with an exact design.

There are different reasons for each player about why they want to move their house. It may be because they want to have a house which is near their job office or it may be because they find a good location which is strategic and has a good view. Or, they may have other reasons for it. Well, whatever your reason is, if you want to move your whole house in Bloxburg, you have to manually rebuild it since there is no way or button to move it.

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