How to Reset Bloxburg Data

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If you come to this page to find out the information about how to reset your Bloxburg data, so you have come to the right page. Here we are going to share some information about that. Keep staying on this page and do not miss any information.

Erase Data was a feature that available in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. By pressing the “Option” button in settings, if you scroll down, so you are able to see a red button with the words “Erase Data”. After pressing the button, the game gives a confirmation message, in which you need to wait 10 seconds before pressing Yes. When pressed, all game data is erased. Remember that this included Money, Blockbux, skill experience, job experience, and build mode items including all “limited time” items and Blockbux items.

The only things that will not be erased are Bloxburg gamepasses that you bought since the gamepass is tied to the Roblox account and not the data and the Premium Trophy because it was tied to the Premium gamepass. In-game currencies which have been bought with Robux will be deleted as well. Unfortunately, This ‘Erase Data’ feature has been removed since v0.6.9. It means that now you cannot reset Bloxburg data using the ‘Erase Data’ feature.

According to the research, there are some reasons why the ‘Erase Data’ feature was removed. Some reasons are below:

  • People made alternative accounts on Bloxburg and would sell the starter home they spawned with, then they would donate to themselves via the alt, after that erase the alternative’s data, then it repeats. This is using the Erase Data button as a free money button.
  • People would hack into other people’s accounts and press the button.

Well, the text above is an explanation how to reset or erase Bloxburg data. As we said before, now you cannot use the ‘Erase Data’ feature again. If you still think that you are able to reset your Bloxburg data using the ‘Erase Data’ feature, it is only waste your time. You really will not be able to do that.

Talking about reset Bloxburg data, in this article, we are going to share the way to reset your Avatar in Roblox. For those who want to know its information, just look at the text below.


Reset Avatar offers you to reappear and start over at a spawn point. This is very useful if your character or Avatar loses an arm (specifically your weapon arm) or if you become stuck in the wall. To reset your avatar, you have to click on the menu icon which looks like three stacked lines located at the upper-left of the screen. After that, you have to click Reset Avatar or hit the R key on your keyboard. A pop-up window is going to appear, asking you to confirm the action. After that, you are able to click Reset and your avatar is going to reappear at a spawn point. We are sure that you are able to do that easily.

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