How to Teleport / Move Your Roblox Character

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For those who want to find out the information related to how to teleport or move your character in Roblox, you are able to read this entire article. After you read this entire article, you are going to understand what you do to teleport or move your character in Roblox.


Teleportation is a term given to the act of moving typically a player’s character or a group of parts to a certain coordinate. In Roblox platform, setting the Position property of a part will disconnect the part from any other parts connected to it and break the model. So, you cannot use the following to teleport a player as it will disconnect the Torso from the head.


MoveTo is able to be used in place of setting the CFrame of one brick in the model. MoveTo will only change the Position or CFrame of the parts in the model if the Parent property is the Workspace.


You are able to teleport all players in the game by iterating over each one of their Characters and setting the CFrame accordingly. You have to be careful when you are teleporting a group of players at the same time: offset the target positions so that the players’ torsos do not overlap.


Most of the functions in TeleportService need the ID of the target place or game. If the destination place is in the same game as the origin place, so the ID is able to be obtained from the Game Explorer by expanding the Places tree, right-clicking the place, and choosing Copy ID to Clipboard. Alternatively, if the teleport destination is another game, the ID is able to be copied from the URL of the game’s main page on the site of Roblox.

Now, you also need to learn the information related to the movement and arrow keys in Roblox.


Moving around in Roblox is actually very simple. The basic keys which most players use is the WASD system. The W key moves your avatar forward, or the direction you are currently viewing on your screen. The S key moves your avatar backward, or the direction you are not currently viewing, moving the avatar in the direction the “Camera” seems to be, where the player will be if in-game. The A key moves your character in a counter-clockwise direction, or left. The D key moves your character in a clockwise direction, or right. The space bar makes your character jump. This is useful for jumping over bricks. These keys help you interact with other players in any game of your choice. An alternative system is the arrow keys.


The right arrow key turns the “Camera” clockwise. The left arrow key turns the “Camera” counter-clockwise. The up and down arrow keys work the same as the W and S keys. The up key goes with W and the down key goes with S.

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