How to Throw Knife in Breaking Point

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You may open this page to find out the information how to throw a knife in the game of Roblox Breaking Point. Apparently, you have open the right page because in this article we are going to explain how to throw a knife in Breaking Point. Now, you do not go anywhere and keep staying on this page.


Breaking Point is a game of Roblox where multiple players sit in a table to kill each other. The winner of the game is the last standing player. In the game of Roblox Breaking Point, there are multiple Game modes.


On desktop, you will be able to hold and release right click to throw your knife at other players. If you are on mobile, you are able to click a knife on the screen and then release it. To avoid the knife throws of the enemies, other players are going to jump. Usually, people who use this strategy are called as “Throwers”.

In addition, here we are also going to share other tips in the game of Roblox Breaking Point.


If you are fighting a player who is bad at throwing his knife, a good player is going to chase them. Although this is a good thing to do for the new players, but it will not work against an experienced player.


This is a tip to get kills in Breaking Point game. Easily, you will be able to look at the person next to you and spam the knife click button repeatedly. If you do that rightly, so the target is going to die when they spawn. This method is viewed negatively in the community.


If you are getting chased, there are 2 things that you are able to do. The first thing that you are able to do is to run and throw your knife. Another thing, you will be able to run away without you throw your knives. Once they get almost close enough to knife you, you will be able to turn around jump towards them quickly and spam your knife button.


Using the advanced options, you will be able to change your skin color to black, making you less visible. If you are on mobile, easily you can go to the site of Roblox. Then, you are able to request a desktop site, body, skin color, avatar, and then click “advanced colors”. Raising your brightness is going to help fight against other players. Also, you are able to use the blue light torso color. Of course, it is going to help you camouflage more in the dark. Usually, an ancient Japanese ninjas wore blue rather than black in the light of the moon for this reason.


You have to adjust your camera around until you can see the players. If they are the murderer, you will be able to see their gun. In the game of breaking point, you are able to see the gun flash if the killer choose to kill in the dark.

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