How to Upload a Hat on Roblox

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When you come to this page, you may want to find out the information about how to upload a UGC hat on Roblox. You are at the right page, now we are going to talk about that. So, make sure that you do keep staying on this page and do not miss any information.

Well, first let us explain what the UGC feature. Basically, it stands for User Generated Content. People in this program can make Roblox accessories such as hats, hair, etc. This feature/program allows selected users to publish their own items and sell them to other users. So, if you want to upload a hat on Roblox, make sure that you are in the UGC program.

Typically, a UGC item consists of a mesh created in a 3D modeling program such as Blender, which has a texture applied to it and is imported into Roblox Studio for final checks before being published to the Avatar Shop. Though this entire concept is not new, the players have been brainstorming and sharing ideas of their own retextures through uploading models and meshes onto the Library section of the catalog over many years. An early version of the upload interface can be found, although it does not function if the user is not a designated UGC creator. Due to the current interface, sometimes hats are going to go off-sale when being updated. Currently, the creators cannot currently add scripts and particles such as Sparkles, Smoke and Fire to their items.

When uploading, the item must have the Plastic material. The creators have to sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” (NDA) to create accessories. You have to note that Premium is required to upload hats, and losing it will be able to cause all pre-existing hats to go off-sale.

According to the research, the users in the Roblox Video Stars Program were granted the ability to publish UGC items on December 14, 2019, at a slower rate than selected developers. This has been met with disdain by some users because they feel that Roblox is favoring video creators as opposed to developers, big and small. In addition, some Star Program creators have been accused of uploading low effort items, with the most notable instance being the Golden Parrot by AntRavioli.

A trend among UGC items are waist accessories which are designed to look like a giant object, so a user is able to disguise your avatar as that object and fool other users into thinking their avatars in-game are part of the game map. A notable example is Box. Because of how this may disrupt gameplay, the scripts have been published in which they remove these kinds of accessories from avatars wearing them. As far now, lots of items have been taken off sale, and it is presumed unlikely that this item trend will ever resurface.

Lots of users have criticized the UGC catalog for its increasingly large selection of animal-related accessories. They believe that the developers that make such items are pandering to the Furry community which is heavily frowned upon in the Roblox community.

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