How to Use Inspect Element to Get Free Robux

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There are a lot of ways to earn Robux ranging from legal ways to illegal ways. If you access Youtube, there are some videos about how to earn free Robux. One of the methods that they use to get free Robux is by using Inspect Element. But, is it possible to get free Robux using Inspect Element?

The first thing that you need to know about getting free Robux by using Inspect Element is that it is impossible for you to get free Robux by using Inspect Element. It is because if you use Inspect Element, it only changes the appearance of your Robux balance, but it does not really change the value of Robux balance that you have. So, this method is only able to be used for fooling others.

How to use Inspect Element to get free Robux in Roblox? Usually, you will have to access your Roblox account by entering your username and password. When you are in your Roblox account, you have to put your cursor in your Robux balance. Then, you have to right click and then there will appear an information window. On that window, you have to change some parts of it so that it will change the number which appears as your Robux balance. You are able to change it with any number that you want. With it, you will see that the Robux balance in your account changes.

Another way, you can do that by going to the Robux page. There, you do the steps as you want to buy Robux. You have to choose the amount of Robux that you want to buy and then in the Payment Method page, you have to choose a Redeem Roblox Card and click on Continue. After that, in the Redeem Credit page, you have to right click on Submit Order and you have to click on Inspect Element. Then, there will be an information window. In the Elements part, you have to right click on the highlighted part and then choose Edit as HTML. There, you will have to change a part of the lines. Usually, you can find the script to change it on the Pastebin site. You are able to know more about the steps to do it by watching videos on Youtube.

However, once again that does not really give you Robux. It is just used to fool others. If you want to earn Robux, of course you need to buy it on the Robux page. Or you do the things below to earn Robux legally.

According to the Roblox site, here are the legal methods that you are able to use to earn Robux.

  • Robux can be bought in Roblox mobile apps, browser and Xbox One apps.
  • If you have membership, you will earn a Robux stipend.
  • If you have membership, you are able to earn Robux by selling pants, shirts and place access and then you will get a percentage of the profit.
  • Robux is able to be earned by selling game passes.

Never ever try to use illegal ways to earn Robux because it may danger you. Just play fairly to make sure that you will always be safe when you play Roblox.

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