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UGC (User Generated Content) is a feature that allows selected users to publish their own items and sell them to other users. It is mainly associated with the Avatar Shop but can also be applied to other parts of the Roblox site such as Models and Plugins since they are considered as types of user generated content.

The accessories are able to be viewed under the Community Creations category in the Avatar Shop. Initially, the feature was announced at RDC 2015, but it’s confirmation was declared at RDC 2019. Based on the research, it was released on August 15, 2019 to certified users on the website. Before its release, Roblox had confirmed that this feature will only be allowed to certain users who had worked previously with Roblox¬† for modeling and texturing purposes, with lots suspecting that popular Roblox video content creators in the official Roblox Video Stars Program will have access to it.

Apparently, Roblox has reached out to reveal that they are going to be in the future depend on the content created by eligible users rather than prioritizing assets made by the official Roblox account which is managed by admin to publish items as a default. Whenever a user publishes an accessory, they are able to input customized descriptions, a Robux price, and much more. But, releasing limited unique items and making existing items limited is still restricted to Roblox. Aside from that, Roblox has stated that they want to move in a direction where the creators are able to publish their own limited items to sell to other users, but are unable to allow this ability due to the minimal amount of creators in the program.

For your information, on December 6, 2019, it was revealed that star creators will be given the ability to request User Generated Content items to be created per TheMeganPlays’ tweet. Some selected star creators were given the ability to request an item early to test the feature. Originally, Roblox catalog managers let MeganPlays’ item be created to test the feature, but her item was quickly turned into a blank item uploaded by the Roblox account. A copy of the item was later re-uploaded onto the catalog after the original was deleted, and can currently be purchased. Currently, the star creators are able to upload one accessory per month. On April 13, 2020, Roblox began testing for the support of Thumbnail Cameras in UGC items. Currently, the feature is not public.

To use Roblox UGC features, make sure that you are one of selected users. Currently, there are only 60 known creators who are allowed to upload their own creations without request. Those some selected users are:

  • agentep352
  • Antilique
  • Aotrou
  • Builder_Boy
  • CaioAlbarnBR
  • CaptainJadeFlames
  • CodyDevv
  • Geocentrisme
  • GuestCapone
  • huiyunwenhua
  • IDontHaveAUse
  • Im50FeetTall
  • maplestick
  • MayconTKz
  • Mimi_Dev
  • OceanOrbs
  • Onigiri_Tsuki
  • polarcub_art
  • rastamypasta
  • Reverse_Polarity
  • supernob123
  • TamBrush
  • TheShipArchitect
  • WhoToTrus
  • XeniusPrime

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