How to Water Plants in Bloxburg

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Gardening is a skill in Roblox Bloxburg. This skill allows the players to take care of their gardens. The players are able to water, sell, fertilize, and store various plants in their gardens. Currently, the player can only grow plants and decorations.

When planting the item in the pot, automatically the players will water their plant. The players may be asked to re-water their plant when it starts to wither. When they plant the item, it is going to take some time to grow. The players are able to speed up the process by spending a various amount of Blockbux. For note: The cost is going to vary depending on the plants. Over time, the plant will have fully grown. Then, the players are able to sell or store their plants. It is going to vary on what plants can be stored, and where.


If you want to water plants in Bloxburg, you are able to click on the plant and there should be a button which says “water plants”. Just click it to start watering the plant. Another way to water the plants in Bloxburg is you are able to buy a garden sprinkler, but it cost money. For your information, the Garden Sprinkler is an item in the Garden category of Build Mode.This is an ordinary Garden sprinkler that automatically waters surrounding the plants. Its cost B$95.

Well, in the text below, we will share some items in garden Bloxburg. Here they are:

  • Natural Plant. It is a plant in Bloxburg garden. Growing time: 14 minutes, 40 seconds. Its cost $15.
  • Compact Bush. This is a bush and nothing special. Growing time: 9 minutes, 5 seconds. Its cost $20.
  • Mushrooms. This is a couple of mushrooms. Growing time: 23 minutes, 20 seconds. Its cost $50.
  • Widi Flowers. This is a nice flower in Bloxburg garden. Growing time: 27 minutes, 30 seconds. Its cost $30.
  • Pear Tree. This is the fastest harvestable tree . Growing time: 96 minutes. Its cost $60.
  • Tall Natural plant. It is a tall plant in Bloxburg garden. Growing time: 23 minutes, 20 seconds. Its cost $25.
  • Apple tree. This is the third fastest harvestable tree to wither and die. Growing time: It takes about 5 game days or about 120 minutes. Its cost $345.
  • Orange tree. This is the slowest harvestable tree to wither and die. Growing time: It takes about 6 game days to grow or about 144 minutes. Its cost $410.
  • Watermelon Plant. This is one of plants in the Garden. Growing time: About 99 minutes. Its cost $185.
  • Ball Tree/Stack Tree. This is a tall tree with leaves shaped as stacked balls. The cost is $270.
  • Bird Bath. This is a classic garden bird bath in Bloxburg garden. The cost is $320.
  • Large Organic Tree. This a large tree in the garden. The cost is $565.
  • Fone Cypress. Its cost $300.

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