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Dylan Win is better known online as Hyper (formerly TheHyperCraft). He was born on May 13, 1999. Hyper is a Chinese-American Roblox YouTuber who currently resides in Dallas, Texas, United States. Hyper is well known for his Roblox Bloxburg gameplay. Recently, he played Roblox Bloxburg with his sister. Hyper is part of a Roblox YouTuber group named “The Crew”, that contains lots of popular YouTubers such as Tofuu and Poke.

Hyper first played Minecraft: Hunger Games, occasionally with other Crew members. Also, he played Minecraft: Survival, Minecraft Faction, and did Minecraft ‘Let’s Plays’. Later, Hyper played Pixelmon, which is a Minecraft spin-off of Pokemon. Aside from that, Hyper also began doing ‘Let’s Plays’ more often. When playing Roblox, Hyper is well known for his admin command, Jailbreak, and Bloxburg Roleplay videos.

Also, he used to play Murder Mystery 2 (M2M) and other murder-related games. We get information that Hyper has a girlfriend and a sister whose YouTube channels are Ashlili – Roblox as Hyper’s sister and Cari – Roblox as Hyper’s girlfriend. According to Hyper’s reaction of Ricegum Wannabe, he admits he has girl problems.

How about Bloxburg build off by Hyper? If you come to this page to find out that information, actually you are able to go to YouTube and visit Hyper’s channel. There you are going to find some videos talking about Bloxburg build off. At this time, we are going to tell some of his videos entitled ‘Boy Vs Girl House Build Off Challenge (Roblox Bloxburg)’. The video was published on April 25, 2019. Currently, the video has 745,283 views. In that video, hyper shows about how to build boy house and girl house. In building a boy house, Hyper chooses blue color for the walls. While building a girl house, Hyper chooses pink color. The house has some rooms containing a bed room, dining room, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Hyper add some furniture into that house, make it more comfortable.

Talking about this, it is not wrong if now we share some building tips in Bloxburg for you.


  • Blueprinting

Blueprinting will be able to help you a lot. It is nice to have a plan in order to build your house up in Bloxburg, so you have something to reference. Also, building a plan is able to inspire you to freelance other houses.

  • Change your placement grid

You will be able to use the small placement grid. It lets you place items into more specific places. The counters are able to attach to corners better as well.

  • Watching YouTube

By watching YouTube speed build videos, you will be able to learn how to build quality houses. Some recommended builders on YouTube include Ayzria , CatBuilds, BellBuilds , Cylito, BramP, DandanPH, NeziPlzaysRoblox and Anix.

  • Texture

Your house’s texture can change how a house looks completely. If you try to get a cottage look, please use more wood. If you aim for a modern look, you can use plain colors and stone textures.

  • Design

You have to think of designs yourself, or look at other people’s examples in Bloxburg and on the internet.

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