Laser Tag Game Mode in Arsenal

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For those who want to know the information regarding Laser Tag game mode in Roblox Arsenal, you are able to read this article until the end. Here we are going to talk about that. Make sure you do not miss any information.


Gamemodes are variations of the standard mode which can range from only using a certain type of weapon to play in entirely new maps. You have to note that all non-standard gamemodes end at level 16 rather than 32, with the exception of free for all, Randomizers and Gun Rotation. Some Roblox Arsenal gamemodes have a timer for how long the game is, such as Juggernaut. In Arsenal, you will be able to find Public Gamemodes, Removed Gamemodes and VIP Server Gamemodes.


Laser Tag gamemode is one of VIP Server Gamemodes. The VIP Server Gamemodes meaning these gamemodes have only existed in VIP servers. For your information, Laser Tag is a gamemode exclusive to VIP servers. In Laser Tag gamemode, there are 5 weapons all related to lasers, those are Handcannon, Laser Rifle, Railgun, R800, and the Z80. In laser tag gamemode, you will need 32 kills to win and you have to use the Golden knife and the Golden gun. This Laser Tag gamemode icon is a placeholder icon from Railgun Royale. Based on the research, this map was released on February 5, 2020. It is the first new gamemode of 2020.

As we mentioned above, there are 5 weapons in Laser Tag gamemode. In the text below, we are going to share them.


It is a semi-automatic break-action laser pistol. The Handcannon has an 8-round magazine. It is a threat comparable to that of the Deagle, trading in damage for perfect accuracy and more rounds. As an accuracy-based weapon, it has the unusual trait of being efficient at long range. It one-shots on headshot. Also, it has ramp-up which increases damages based on closer proximity to opponents.


It has extremely low damage. However, it has an extremely fast fire rate. Also, it has one hundred percent accuracy and zero recoil that offer you to shred enemies easily at longer ranges without paying much attention.


It is a handheld high-velocity weapon that is extremely powerful. It will instantly kill an enemy no matter where they are hit on the body. It deals 100 damage (114 headshot). Another reason why it is extremely powerful is to shoot through enemies, granting the possibility for a collateral kill if enemies are lined up. The collateral kills are shown as a skull in the kill feed.

  • R800

It is a martian laser shotgun in Arsenal. Actually, it works similarly to the Pump Shotgun that has high spread, but high damage. This gun will be able to destroy your opponents at close range.

  • Z80

It is a futuristic semi-auto laser pistol in Arsenal. It will be able to disintegrate opponents with its charged shot. It is a weapon that requires extreme precision and accuracy to use.

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