List of Admin Commands on Roblox

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In Roblox, you are able to access admin commands by typing “: cmd.” in your chat box. Now, we are going to share a list of some Admin commands that are available in Roblox. Also, you are able to try these Admin commands in your Roblox games.


  • Fire: Starts a fire.
  • Unfire: Stops the fire.
  • Jump: Makes your Avatar jump.
  • Kill: Kills the player.
  • Loopkill: Kills the player over.
  • Ff: Makes a force field around the player.
  • Unff: Erases the force field.
  • Sparkles: Makes your player sparkly.
  • Unsparkles: Nullifies the sparkles command.
  • Smoke: makes smoke around the player.
  • Unsmoke: Turns the smoke off.
  • Bighead: Makes the player’s head bigger.
  • Minihead: Makes the player’s head smaller.
  • Normal head: Returns the head to the original size.
  • Sit: Makes the player sit.
  • Trip: Makes the player trip.
  • Admin: Allows the players to use the command script.
  • Unadmin: The players lose the ability to use the command script.
  • Visible: The player becomes visible.
  • Invisible: The player disappears.
  • God Mode: The player of the game becomes impossible to kill. Also, becomes deadly to everything else in the game of Roblox.
  • UnGod Mode: The player returns to normal.
  • Kick: Kicks a player from the game.
  • Fix: Fixes a broken script.
  • Jail: Puts the player into jail.
  • Unjail: Cancels the effects of Jail.
  • Respawn: Brings a player back to life.
  • Givetools: The player gets Roblox Starter Pack tools.
  • Removetools: Removes the player’s tools.
  • Zombify: This command will turn a player into an infectious zombie.
  • Freeze: Freezes the player in place.
  • Explode: Makes the player explode.
  • Merge: This command lets one player control another player.
  • Control: Gives you control over another player.

You are also able to find official admin commands packages which are free for download at the Roblox website. Actually, these Admin commands are also unavailable in Roblox until you install the admin command packages. The most popular command pack right now is named Kohl’s Admin Infinite. It is the successor of the previous Kohl’s commands which are not available anymore. There are over almost 200 commands you are able to use. Roblox includes custom commands, anti-exploit commands, batch commands, and bans. However, you also get a custom chat and a command bar. The website also offers other command packs. So, you are able to buy and download more than one and experiment in the games you invent.

Roblox has millions of 3D games made by the players from around the world. Lots of creators came up with their own commands, but not all of them were tested. If you are new to Roblox, you have to stick to the commands we provided above because they are the easiest to use. When you figure out how everything works, you are able to experiment with new ones too. Maybe you are able to try writing your commands later.

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