Making Project Zorgo a Roblox Account

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According to Wikitubia, Project Zorgo is an American project which is meant to patrol the internet including Youtube, censoring any information which is unsuitable for it. This group has been trying to destroy Youtube and claim it as their own. It is because the leader stated that Youtube has become too powerful and it is a threat to traditional media.

A Youtuber named Zeph on his Youtube channel entitled Making Project Zorgo a Roblox Account makes a Roblox account for this group. Do you want to know the process of making the account? In the 1:03 minute of the video, you are able to see that Zeph is on Roblox and there he is ready to make an account for Project Zorgo.

In the Sign Up section, as usually you have to enter your birthday. In this part, Zeph is not sure whether this group has a birthday. Then, he just enters the date randomly. He entered the birthday as October 31st, 1919. So, it is almost a hundred years old. Then, he goes on to the Username part. There, he tries to enter Project Zorgo in various forms and then he finds the right one namely ProjectZ0rgoo. But he may not like it so he changes it into ProjectxZ0rg0.

After it is done, then he is in the account of Project Zorgo that he just created and he tries to customize the avatar. He starts out with the body scale. He makes the height a little bit higher and the width a little bit down. Then, he chooses the Roblox Boy for the body. After that, he tries to find the Roblox 2.0 package since people in the comments of his content often ask him to do it. Then, he finds Robloxian 2.0 which costs 15 Robux. For your information, this bundle is the first official Roblox body package and you are able to get a cool new set of arms, legs and a torso.

Then, he applies the Robloxian 2.0 to the avatar of ProjectxZ0rg0. As you are able to see that it is pretty good. If you see in Google, Project Zorgo is really creepy and he wears an anonymous mask on his face. Also, he wears a black hoodie. It seems that Zeph wants to make the avatar to be like that, so he goes to the avatar shop again for clothing shirts. He tries to find black hoodie. But, when he enters the keyword ‘black hoodie’ in the search bar in Roblox, he cannot find it. Then, he tries to find it in another method. Then, he can find the black hoodie for his avatar. The name of the hoodie is Unnamed ### which was uploaded by Assassin’ Creed 3 Fan Group and it costs 3,000 Robux. When he sees the price which is too expensive for a black hoodie, he goes on searching for another hoodie.

Do you want to know what the avatar of ProjectxZ0rg0 looks like? You are able to watch this video on Youtube until the end. The duration of the video is 12 minutes and 16 seconds and now it has been watched more than 2.9 million times.

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