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Work is the primary way of getting money in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg. Each job obtains a different amount of money for the player. The players will be able to get money every time they complete a task. Upon completing a set number of tasks, the players will be promoted, and get more money per task.

In order to actually receive the money, the players are going to cash out a paycheck when they leave their working environment. The cheque states the amount of money a player earned, their job and username. The players are going to get an Excellence Award when they reach level 50 in a single job. So, level 50 is max level for Bloxburg.

Currently, there are twelve jobs in the game of Welcome to Bloxburg.

  • Cashier is one of two jobs available at Bloxburg Fresh Food . As a cashier at Bloxburg Fresh Food, the player has the option to scan and bag food for the NPC customers.
  • Cashier is one of two jobs available at Bloxy Burgers. As a cashier at Bloxy Burgers, the player will be operating a register to take the orders of customers.
  • Delivery Person is one of the two jobs available at Pizza Planet. As a Delivery Person, the player will be given access to drive a Moped to deliver pizza to an NPC customer waiting somewhere on the map.
  • Fisherman. At The Fishing Hut, near the Ferris Wheel, the player can become a fisherman and be given a fishing rod to cast at the shoreline.
  • Hairdresser is a job available at Stylez Hair Studio. This job allows the player to act as a hairdresser, and customize the NPCs that come into the studio. As a hairdresser at Stylez Hair Studio, the player will be giving the customers different hairstyles and hair colors that they want.
  • Janitor is a job available at the Green Clean. As a janitor at Green Clean, the player must clean up trash as well as clean graffiti off of buildings.
  • Mechanic. This job is available at Mike’s Motors. As a mechanic at Mike’s Motors, the player’s job consists of painting, refilling, and replacing tires on various mopeds and motorbikes.
  • Miner is a job in Welcome to Bloxburg that was added in v0.7.1. This job is located in The Bloxburg Cave, which is inside the Mountain. Inside the cave , you are going to see some colored barrels and also some rocks lying around.
  • Pizza Baker. This job is available at Pizza Planet. As a pizza baker, the player will cook specific pizzas.
  • Seller is a job available at Ben’s Ice Cream. As a seller at Ben’s Ice Cream, the player will make ice cream to sell to customers.
  • Stocker is one to the two jobs available at Bloxburg Fresh Food , the other Job being Cashier (BFF).
  • Woodcutter is a job available at Lovely Lumber. As a Woodcutter at Lovely Lumber, the player will cut trees with the axe given to the player after accepting the job.

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