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Mansion refers to the biggest and the most expensive pre-built house in the game. Being the only prebuilt one to have an outer wall, it boasts an amazing amount of rooms. Even though it is expensive, it is partially a letdown, as the house value itself costs only $138,000. This building is modeled after villas you would most likely find in Italy, Spain, or even in California.

For those players of Bloxburg who want to build a mega mansion, it is better for you to watch speed build videos on a popular video-sharing website called Youtube. By watching the speed build videos, you are able to learn how to build quality houses.

One of the most popular Youtube channels is called chanandler. The speed build video of mega modern mansion by this channel was created on May 12, 2020. Since the first time its release, it has gained 106,763 views and 3.1k likes. This mansion has 11 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a gym, a movie theater, 2 pools, and an apartment on top. The plot value of it is $650,013. As for the gamepasses, it used all gamepasses.

What about the decals? The only decals created by the creator in this build are the ones for the large painting in the dining area. The rest of the decals can be found by searching “geometric” in the decal window.

  • Top left corner: 5016952221
  • Top right corner: 5016952727
  • Bottom left corner: 5016953247
  • Bottom right corner: 5016953639

Aside from the mega mansion Bloxburg speed built by chanandler, there is another channel that you can use as the reference. The channel is known as Arkfinity. This channel divided the speed build into two. Basically, there are two parts of the Mega Modern Riverside Mansion on Youtube.

The Mega Modern Riverside Mansion by Arkfinity features huge bedrooms with panoramic views and various terraces throughout the mansion.


  • Loft style living room
  • Entrance or foyer
  • Full sized kitchen
  • Office room or space
  • 8 large bedrooms
  • 8 bathrooms
  • Panoramic views
  • Terraces
  • 3 car garage
  • Loft style bedroom
  • Loft style library
  • Underground space


  • $700,000+ (Furnished)
  • $400,000 (Un-furnished)

House bills:

  • $4482 (No Premium)
  • $2241 (Premium)


  • Large Plot: This one can increase the size of your plots to 50×50, making it possible to build even bigger houses. It costs R$250.
  • Multiple Floors: This one allows you to build up to 5 floors and make your house even more awesome. It gives you access to the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors, compared to only one on accounts without this gamepass. The price of it is R$300.
  • Advanced Placement: This one allows you to place objects without collison checks in Build Mode, meaning that they are able to be placed inside each other. If you want to purchase it, you need to pay for R$200.

For more detailed information about those speed build videos of mega mansion Bloxburg, it is better for you to go to Youtube and watch all of them. You can leave a comment if you want to ask something.

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