Megaphone Sound ID for Arsenal

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In Arsenal, there is a megaphone that you are able to get. If you get this item, you will be permitted to play custom sounds from various options in the Roblox Audio Library. To play the sounds, of course you need to know the ID of the sounds.

Sound IDs for The Megaphone

In the list below, there are some sound IDs that you are able to use and play in the Megaphone of Arsenal game.

  • John Roblox Garbage : 5039621164
  • Roddy R – The Box : 4521908173
  • Heads Will Roll : 290176752
  • Minions – Bee Doo : 130844390
  • Country Roads (Dank) : 2632531663
  • Never Gonna Give You Up : 2672209057
  • Trump Coffin Dance : 4997185462
  • Coffin Dance Oof (Loud) : 4928916137
  • Kahoot Theme (Bass Boosted) : 841396330
  • Pumped Up Kicks : 1774323214
  • Coffin Dance : 5054555073
  • Bill Nye Bass Boosted : 1282952408
  • Rick Roll : 2672209057
  • Yankee With No Brim : 4999529638
  • Shrek Anthem : 152828706
  • Dog : 130761235
  • Heads Will Roll : 290176752
  • Eminem Rap God : 138081652
  • Megalovania : 3182300166

How to Get Megaphone

To be able to use these sound IDs, of course you need to get the megaphone first. You are able to get megaphone in two different ways. The first way is you are able to get it by buying it directly from the daily shop. Every day, the shop rotates in new items which can be purchased with in-game currency. You may wonder how to get the money. The money in the game is able to be earned by playing games and completing quests. You are able to find the quests in the main menu under the small flag icon. You will be given a new one every day. The megaphone will set you back 1,800 BattleBucks. It can take a while to collect if you are not able to complete quests.

Another way that you are able to do to get a megaphone is that you can go to the shop and then you can press the Cases option at the top of the menu. This way is random. There are three different cases that you are able to purchase. The one that you will buy is the Flair Case. Now, the price of it is 600 BattleBucks for each. However, you have a random chance to get a Kill Effect, Emote or Announcer. So, it is better for you to save your BattleBucks to be able to buy a megaphone since this is the best and guaranteed method to get a megaphone in Arsenal.

How to Use Megaphone

Now, how to use the Megaphone? You may have it but you do not know how to use it. Well, if you want to use megaphone in Arsenal, you have to equip it into your emotes slots. Then, at the main menu, you need to press the Locker option and you will see a lot of emote slots at the bottom of the area. You have to click on one of the empty boxes or one of the emotes that you do not want to use anymore. Then, you can choose the Megaphone option.

To play the sound, you can go into Roblox Audio Library and then choose one of the sounds that you want to play. Copy the ID that you can see in the URL. Or, you can copy one of the IDs above. Then, paste it into the section saying “Insert ID Here” in Arsenal. Press Enter or the green arrow beside that field.

If you are in game on PC, you can press the G key or press the face icon on mobile and the number or option which matches with the Megaphone emote. It will play the sound that you have chosen in the game.

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