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When you are at this page, you may want to find out the information about noob, pro and god Bloxburg. Apparently, you are at the right page as here we are going to discuss about that.

Welcome to Bloxburg is a popular role-playing game on Roblox made by Coeptus. On the game of Welcome to Bloxburg, the players are able to build and design their very own dream house, work, hang out with friends, explore the city of Bloxburg, and more. Apparently, The game of Welcome to Bloxburg has been in Beta for around four years and requires R$25 for early access until its official release. Until now, Welcome to Bloxburg is still be the most popular game.


Commonly, noob spelled as n00b, newbie or nub. It is an internet slang that used to describe a new, or inexperienced player. Usually, it means “newcomer” that means an inexperienced person to a particular activity.  To this day, people are confusing “noob”, claiming that it means a new or inexperienced player. However, it is not usually the intention of the user of the word. The players who have good skill playing the game of Welcome to Bloxburg usually called as pro or god Bloxburg players. If you are a noob Bloxburg, you do not be sad. You can still be a pro or god bloxburg player. For this case, you are able to learn about building tips.


  • Blueprinting

Blueprinting is going to help you a lot. It is nice to have a plan in order to build your house up in Bloxburg, so you have something to reference. Also, building a plan is able to inspire you to freelance other houses, but, if you are new to building, then reference blueprints.

  • Change your placement grid

You are able to use the small placement grid. It offers you to place items into more specific places (and so it does not hang off the side of tables, shelves, and bookcases.) The counters are able to attach to corners better as well.

  • Watching YouTube

As we know that YouTube is a popular video-sharing place. By watching YouTube speed build videos, you are able to learn how to build quality houses. Some recommended builders on YouTube include: Cylito, BramP, Ayzria , CatBuilds, BellBuilds , DandanPH, NeziPlzaysRoblox and Anix.

  • Texture

Your house’s texture is able to completely change how a house looks. If you are  trying to get a cottage look, use more wood. If you aim for a modern look, so you are able to use plain colours and certain stone textures. Here is a list of good texture sets:

  1. Cottage: Light and dark wood, Log texture.
  2. Modern: Plain colours, concrete. stone,
  3. Contemporary: Plain color, wood. brick, stone,
  4. Suburban: Wood paneling, brick, stucco.
  • Design

Lots of factors go into a well-built house. One of them is the design. if you were to not plan out the house, it would be just a huge box with 2 or 3 rooms. In this case, you need to think of designs yourself, or look at other people’s examples in Bloxburg and on the internet.

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