Obby in Roblox That Gives You Robux

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On Roblox, you are able to create your own Obby by using Roblox Studio. Of course, there are several steps which you have to do. Talk about Obby, you may ever heard that there is Obby that gives Robux. Is it alright? Let us talk about that here.

When you search the information related to Obby that gives you Robux, you are going to find some results. Mostly you are going to find lots of videos from YouTube talking about that. You are free to open and watch those videos. Apparently, there are many people who have made the video talk about Obby that give Robux. But, we are sure that it is only a scam. So, when you find a statement Obby gives you Robux, you do not believe that. It very waste your time if you search for the information related to Obby that gives you Robux.

Now, we are going to explain one of the videos that talk about Obby giving Robux. On that video, it explains that your own Obby has to do some steps to get Robux. Your own Obby needs to jump on some stages. At the first stage, your own Obby must jump slowly and do not make your own Obby fail because it will make your own Obby quit the game. After finishing on the first stage, then your own Obby must continue to the second stage. In the second stage, we think it is easier than the first stage. Your own Obby must jump up until finish and do not make your own Obby fail. Afterwards, you are able to visit the furniture store to get a free item. When you are at the furniture store, then you have to say; ‘can i habe free stuff’. Ensure that you spell it like this and then you are going to get the stuff which you want. The first one will be in entertainment. While the second one will be in the living room and the last one will be in the bedroom. Now, you have to go to your house and place down your stuff. You are able to check your inventory.

There is also another video talk about Obby giving Robux. The video is entitled ‘This Obby will get you Robux without password’. The video was published on August 16, 2017 by LightningBoyPlayz. Currently, it has 4,153,346 viewers and 58.549 subscribers. In that video, you also can watch some information related to Obby giving Robux.

After we watch the video, we are able to conclude that there is a way for Obby to give you Robux. As we said explained before, it is only a scam. If you want to get Robux, you are able be a member of the Builders Club that give you daily with Robux stipen. Also, you are able to sell shirts, pants and place access. If you are a member of Builders Club, you will get profit 70% of sales. While if you are not a member of Builders Club, you only get profit 10% of sales.

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