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In Roblox, there is a currency which can be used by players to be able to do anything such as buying items, changing username and many more. It is Robux and it is the old currency in Roblox. This currency was introduced on May 14th, 2007 as replacement of Roblox points. Formerly, Robux was one of the two currencies on the platform alongside Tix. But now, Tix was removed on April 14th, 2016.

Robux is the main currency in Roblox and it is used by the community and staff. If you want to buy the items which are made by Roblox in the avatar shop, you need to buy it using Robux. Contents which are created by other players and also developers such as game passes also can be bought by using Robux.

How to earn Robux in Roblox? Before the release of the Tix and Builders Club, all players earned 5 Robux daily as a log-in reward and 1 Robuk per place visit. Before mid-August 2019, Roblox players who bought Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club or Outrageous Builders Club got a daily Robux stipend. The amount of Robux that they got are listed below.

  • Members of Builders Club (BC) got 15 (formerly 5 before late 2016) Robux per day.
  • Members of Turbo Builders Club (TBC) got 35 Robux per day.
  • Members of Outrageous Builders Club (OBC) got 60 Robux per day.

Here are the methods to earn Robux for now.

  • Robux can be purchased in Roblox mobile apps, browser and Xbox One apps.
  • If you have Premium membership, you will earn Premium Payouts from other Premium uses who play their game. The amount of Robux given depends on the amount of people who play the game.
  • If you have Premium membership, you will receive a lump sum of Robux each month instead of being spread out. Each tier is named after how much monthly Robux will be given. There are Roblox Premium 450, Roblox Premium 1000 and Roblox Premium 2200.
  • You are able to sell T-shirts, developer products and gamepasses so that you will earn a 70% profit after marketplace fees are deducted. If you have Premium membership, you are able to make and sell shirts and pants and also limited items and plugins for earning Robux.
  • There is also group earnings. A group is able to sell virtual items in the Catalog. But, the Robux that they earned will be deposited into the Group Funds and then it can be distributed among members.
  • In a trade, Robux can be included, but the marketplace fee still applies.

In the past, the rate of Robux to cash out was different. The old rate of Robux is $.0025/R$. It comes out to $250 USD for 100,000 Robux. This rate applied to all Robux which were earned before March 1st, 2017. But now, the new rate is $.0035/R$. It comes out to $350 USD for 100,000 Robux. This rate applies to all Robux which are earned on or after March 1st, 2017.

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