Ranking of Bees Bee Swarm Simulator (Ranked)

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The bees are the main feature of Bee Swarm Simulator game. They follow the player around, collect pollen from the fields, and defend their beekeeper from the mobs. The bees are one of the primary sources for collecting pollen, because they do it automatically and produce Ability Tokens.

Upon returning to the hive, the bees are going to convert pollen into honey, the primary currency used in shops to purchase items. Also, the hive is where the bees can sleep after they run out of energy or rest if their beekeeper dies. To do that, it needs about 15 seconds before returning to work. When the bees collect pollen, fight the mobs, and consume some treats, so their bond with their beekeeper grows. It increases their level after reaching a certain threshold.

The higher level bees are able to collect and convert more pollen and have more energy to work longer, except the bees that have unlimited energy, such as Photon Bee and Exhausted Bee. Besides, the bees are able to attack higher level mobs.

For your information, the bees hatch from eggs, with the probability of hatching a bee of a certain rarity or type depending on the type of egg. For example, the gold egg is able to hatch to an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic. You are able to change the type of an already-hatched bee by applying a royal jelly or another egg. After the 25 default hive slots are completely filled up with bees, you are able to expand their hive by purchasing extra hive slots. While hive slots increase in price exponentially. This lets you have 25 extra hive slots for a maximum of 50 bees.

Apparently, there are 43 total bee types that can be discovered and collected. However, only 42 can be obtained without buying Bear Bee by using Robux. A gifted bee is a type of bees that has improved stats and provides the whole hive a bonus. There is a 1/8,000 chance of feeding a Rare bee, a 1/10,000 chance for Epic bees, a 1/12,000 chance for Legendary bees and Common bees, and a 1/24,000 chance for Mythic bees. Additionally, there is a 1/250 chance of getting a gifted bee by using royal jelly or by hatching it from a basic egg.


This list will be ranking all the bees from best all the way at number 1, down to the worst at number 27.

  1. Lion Bee
  2. Ninja Bee
  3. Demon Bee
  4. Diamond Bee
  5. Baby Bee
  6. Music Bee
  7. Shy Bee
  8. Commander Bee
  9. Rage Bee
  10. Fire Bee
  11. Bubble Bee
  12. Frosty Bee
  13. Riley Bee
  14. Bucko Bee
  15. Honey Bee
  16. Demo Bee
  17. Shocked Bee
  18. Exhausted Bee
  19. Hasty Bee
  20. Looker Bee
  21. Cool Bee
  22. Bomber Bee
  23. Rad Bee
  24. Brave Bee
  25. Rascal Bee
  26. Bumble Bee
  27. Basic Bee

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