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You may feel that it is better for you to know about everything by reading it in a wiki. As we know that in wiki, usually information that we are looking for is detailed. So, what about Reputation in Ro Ghoul? Can we find this information in wiki? But, what wiki can we read?

Wiki is a website which permits users to be able to add and update content on the site by using their own web browser. According to TechTarget site, a wiki serves a simplified interface and contributors have chances to review the history of the page that they are working on or preview the web page before they publish it. A wiki site operates on a principle of collaborative trust and allows users to create and edit content. Even in more advanced wikis, they have a management component which permits a designated person to accept or reject changes.

So, is there a wiki of Ro-Ghoul? Yes, there is a wiki of Ro Ghoul namely Ro Ghoul Wiki which can be accessed at There, you are able to find any information about Ro Ghoul including about Reputation. Since it is a wiki site, if you know some facts about Ro Ghoul which has not been updated in that wiki yet, you can create content there. Or, if you think that there is information on that wiki site which is not right, then you can edit it to be the correct information.

According to Ro Ghoul Wiki, Reputation is a system which is found in Ro Ghoul. It permits players to be able to increase their rankings in the two factions of Ro Ghoul namely CCG and Ghouls. Players can earn reputation by speaking with the respective faction leader of each faction and accepting a task. The task will ask players to kill a specific amount of Aogiri NPCs which is found around the map while they are avoiding killing humans. It is important to know that if players kill too many humans, it will botch the reputation yield for that task and give only a small portion of the total amount.

If the players have completed a task, then they are able to turn them back into their respective faction leaders to gain Reputation. Players can use Reputation for increasing rankings and also to cash out Yen. If players cash out, they are able to receive 1 Yen per every Reputation point they have. If the players have the 2x Reputation gamepass, they will get 2 Yen per every reputation point. When players cash out, Reputation does not reset. Players are able to do it every two hours.

As explained above that reputation can increase ranking of the players. For example, if you want to get [B]-Rated for Ghouls, you need 25,000 Reputation. If you want to know more about Reputation of Ro Ghoul, you are able to access the Ro Ghoul Wiki.

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