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There is a site named Many people visit that site to try getting Robux. Does it really give you Robux? Honestly, we are not sure that site will give you Robux without you spending money. It is very impossible to get Robux if you do nothing. Now, let us talk about the

When you are at the homepage of, there you are going to see the login button. If you want to login to your Gumroad account, of course, you have to login first. To login to your Gumroad account, you are able to enter your email address and password. Please confirm that you are not Robot. The last step, you only need to click at the login button. For your information, you are also able to log in with Facebook and Twitter.

If you do not have a Gumroad account, you have to sign up first. To make an account, you are able to click at ‘create an account’, then you are going to be taken to the page where you have to enter your email address and password. Actually, you are also able to sign up for Gumroad by connecting with your Facebook or Twitter.

Aside from the login button, at the homepage of, you are also going to see the column to enter your email address. It may be used to access the site of Now, you are able to try entering your email address on the column provided by After that, you are able to click at the Follow button. Then, you are able to see what you should do to get Robux. In this case, you need to ensure that you follow all instructions completely so that you are able to get Robux. However, we are not sure that you are going to get Robux instantly through For this case, we keep suggesting you to earn Robux officially.

Talking about, you may also know other sites offer Robux for free. Unfortunately, there are some Roblox players who believe that. If you believe that there is a way to get Robux instantly, please remove that opinion. It is only a scam and you will not be able to get Robux. You only waste your time. You have to remember that there are some ways that you can get Robux, so you do not believe any statements related to getting Robux for free.

Now, we are going to share some ways to earn Robux officially.

  • Please be a part of the Builders Club. It will provide you a daily Robux stipend.
  • Sell the clothes, gamepass, and place access. If you are a member of the Builders Club, you are able to get 70% of the profit from the selling.
  • If you are a Developer, you are able to join the Developer Attribution, participate in the Affiliate Program and use Mobile Ads to get Robux officially.
  • You are able to purchase Robux at the official Robux page. It is the fast way to get Robux legally.

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