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You need to add a free Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store. It is called Roblox plus that was made by WebGL3D. This Chrome extension get popularity because of having an automatic signature feature which enabled the players on the Forums to only paste their signatures into the box (as people did not like to add their signatures manually).

Roblox plus Chrome extension is a trusted browser extension to enhance the player experience on the platform of Roblox. As we explained above that it was made by WebGL3D. However, Roblox plus Chrome extension is only available for Google Chrome or other Chrome-based browsers including Opera, Vivaldi or Chromium.

Now, we are going to share some settings and features of Roblox plus Chrome extension. If you want to know that information, you are able to read in the text below:

  • Main Volume: This for sound playback throughout Chrome extension.
  • Item Notifier: a sound that plays when a new item in Roblox catalog comes out.
  • Trade Inbound: a sound that plays when you get a trade from someone.
  • Trade Outbound: a sound that plays when you send a trade.
  • Trade Completed: a sound that plays when a trade is complete.
  • Group Shout Notifier: a sound that plays when a group makes a shout.
  • RAP: This shows a user’s RAP under their name in a forum post.
  • Navigation Counters: This will update Messages, Friend requests, and Robux without refreshing the page.
  • Trade Currency: This will update trade currency rates without you having to refresh the page.
  • Sticky Trade Rates: These features will add the current Robux under the currency.
  • Remaining Counter: This updates the remaining counter on limited while they are on initial sale.
  • Item: When an Item is created or updated, you will be able to get a notification.
  • Trade: This notify when you get, complete, decline, or send a trade.
  • Open trades in new tabs: This will open a trade in a new tab instead of a new window.
  • Quick-Sell: This offers you to sell items from the develop page.
  • Texture Asset: This can be used to get the mesh or texture of a hat on the hat page.
  • Counter Commas: This will show the full number of your Robux with commas.
  • OBC Theme: This allows you to have the OBC theme.
  • Changed Username Login: If turn on, you will login with an old name.
  • Theme: This will allow you to turn on a theme.
  • Quick-Sell: This will allow you to sell multiple copies of a limited edition.
  • Roblox+ Inbox: This feature will offer you to turn decals, models, meshes and audio from the develop menu.
  • Popover Box Icon: this displays the R+ circle on the right.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Roblox Chrome Extensions and several settings and features available to the user. If you want to ask any information related to Roblox Chrome Extensions, you can join the forum of Roblox Community.

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