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Pets were released in June 2019 (Summer Update), though the ‘Pets’ section of the backpack was added long before that. You have to know that Hatching Eggs is the primary method of unlocking pets and operate similarly to Gifts, but you can also purchase some pets by using Robux.

Currently, the new players who enter the Nursery for the first time are going to get a free Starter Egg (that will only be able to hatch into a Cat or a Dog) from Sir Woofington, although it was possible to get Pink Eggs and Blue Eggs before the official Pet Update. The Pink Egg was obtainable by being in the game during the countdown for the Pet Update. The Blue Egg was obtainable by receiving a Broken Egg (Legendary) from Eggburt before the Pet Update was released. While Pink Eggs only hatch into Pink Cats, and Blue Eggs hatch only into Blue Dogs. For your information, Blue Eggs, Pink Eggs, Pink Cats, and Blue Dogs are no longer available, but they can still be obtained from trading.

After the players obtain their own Starter Egg, they are able to buy Cracked Eggs (Common), Aussie Eggs (Legendary), Pet Eggs (Rare), or Royal Eggs (Legendary) that hatch into different pets. The Cracked Eggs have the lowest chance of hatching into legendary Unicorns or Dragons, and Royal Eggs have the highest chance. The Special temporary eggs such as Christmas Eggs have been released for certain events. In the Nursery, there is a Gumball Machine where limited eggs are able to be obtained such as the Safari Egg, Jungle Egg, Farm Egg, and the Aussie Egg. All of them could be purchased for 750 Bucks. The pets in the Pet Store which cost Robux are available all year round. This includes the Griffin, Sloth, Horse, and the Panda.

During Christmas and Halloween, you would be able to get pets by collecting a currency. The currency was candy for Halloween and gingerbread for Christmas. During Halloween, you would be able to get Zombie Buffaloes, Bat Dragons for candy, Evil Unicorns, and Shadow Dragons for Robux. During Christmas, you could purchase a gift with gingerbread and open it. If you got a Christmas Egg, you were able to hatch the egg into a Wolf, Polar Bear, Robin, Swan, Arctic Fox, or an Arctic Reindeer. Also, you were able to use gingerbread to buy an Elf Shrew or an Elf Hedgehog. You would be able to get the Frost Dragon for Robux 1,000.

By the way, how about pets for sale on Roblox Adopt Me? As we said before that there are lots of pets available for sale. So, you are able to purchase them using Robux. In the text below, you are able to see the price list of some pets.

  • Horse. It costs 300 Robux.
  • Griffin. It costs 600 Robux.
  • Penguin. It costs 225 Robux.
  • Golden Penguin. It costs 225 Robux.
  • Sloth. It costs 199 Robux.
  • Shadow Dragon. It costs 1000 Robux.
  • King Bee. It costs 199 Robux.

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