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If you are a player of Roblox Adopt Me, you may be excited to hear that a new update is coming to the Adopt Me servers. This is everything that you have to know about it.


The new update coming to Adopt Me is The Monkey Fairground, starting at 5pm, British time. Inside the Monkey Fairground, you are able to use bucks to buy a jack in the box that holds different items inside and a guaranteed monkey pet. Please collect enough items and you will be able to trade them for new monkey variants.

Also, you are able to use Robux to buy a special box containing exclusive monkey items, which can be exchanged for variants of monkey pets. For your information, there are six monkeys to adopt in the Monkey Fairground. The announcement explains that each monkey is special in their own way. Several of them come with their own pet accessories, animations and tricks to show off their unique personalities. It means that no monkey is the same as the other. We suggest you visit the Monkey Fairground when you are in town, as it will not be available forever.


The Monkey Fairground was an ‘Adopt Me’ event that began on May 28, 2020, at 12:00 PM (ET). As we said before, in this update, there are six new Monkey pets added to the game. Aside from that, a new Circus location near the Pet Store and Hot Air Balloon was also added with this update. Based on a real circus tent, it is lined with lights around it’s entryway. If you want to get a monkey pet, you need to open a Monkey Box. There were two different types of monkey boxes; A premium, costing Robux 195, with a normal (Non-Premium), costing 600 Bucks. We get information that ‘Adopt Me’ has confirmed that the Monkey Fairground is going to return some time after the departure of the original event.


The only activity in the event was opening Monkey Boxes. You have to note that one of these boxes cost Robux. While others cost Bucks. The one which required Bucks, bears a similar appearance to that of a Jack in the Box containing less rare pets and items than the one costing Robux. The Premium Monkey Box, costing Robux, they have a much higher chance of getting better items. In either of these boxes, one could claim random vehicles, toys, or food items along with the guaranteed Monkey.


When opening Monkey Boxes, one was guaranteed a Monkey and several items along with it. These items could include the Ingredients one needs to make the Business, King, Toy and Ninja Monkeys. One required three of the same ingredients to transform a normal Monkey into another Monkey. None of these specially-transformed Monkeys could be unboxed, only made. The only Monkeys one could unbox so far were the normal Monkey and the Albino Monkey.

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