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In Roblox, you may love the kinds of roleplay games. Of course, you can totally choose many roleplay games available in Roblox. But, not all roleplay games are reliable to play, some of them may be worse. Then, you have to choose the best roleplay games in Roblox.

Then, what is the best roleplay game in Roblox?

As we know that there are tons of roleplay games that you can find in Roblox. But in this chance, we just recommend one of the best roleplay games. The game is Afton’s Family Diner.

This game comes from The Pizzeria Roleplay: Rebooted as the creator of this game. Afton’s Family Diner was created on July 20, 2018 with the latest update on April 23, 2020. This is a kind of RPG game genre. It has more than 232K favorites and has been visited by 28.3 Million players.

Roblox Aftons Family Diner All Badges

In Afton’s Family Diner, there are a number of badges that you have to get. Here is the list of all badges:

  • Secret Character 1 Tortured Marionette

To get this secret character, you just go into the Pizzeria. Then, go through both of these doors to go to the kitchen. Go over to the block and go through this arcade machine. Then, the secret character 1 is yours.

  • Secret Character 2 (Tortured Fredbear)

To get this secret character, you just go into the house. Open the door and go to the room on your left. Then, you have to click the X sign under the bed until it disappears. Then, you go to the bathroom and touch the mirror. Then, finding the secret character 2 is done.

  • Secret Character 3 (Purple Guys)

To get the secret character 3, you just stay in the room where you find the secret 2. Then, find the knife and click it. Go through the window after touching the knife. You can totally get the secret character 2 on the roof.

  • Secret Character 4 (Elizabeth)

You must step on the Toy Bonnie. Then, go to the little Hut which is over. Hold it and touch the little Freddie figure there. Then, back to the Pizzeria, go into the cooler and touch the toy. Now, you can get the secret character 4.

  • Secret Character 5 (Michael)

Go back into the house. Touch the crying child picture. Go to the room and touch Freddy on the bed. Now, the secret character 5 is yours.

  • Secret Character 6 (Derrick)

To get the secret character 6, go back to Pizzeria. Get onto the roof because there is something up there. Then, touch it to get this badge. Jump on the trash bins. So, you can find the secret character 6 lying on the roof.

  • Secret Character 7 (Devoured Bonnie)

The secret character 7 can be found behind the Pizzeria. In the back left corner, you will see the wrap pad tile. Step on it, you will be directed into a weird wrap. Then, step on floating objects. Go to the wall to get secret character 7.

  • Secret Character 8 (Devoured Fredbear)

Go behind the house. Go along the road. Go around the house. Touch the little papers. It will bring you to a very strange place to end the game. Now, you already get the secret character 8.

  • Secret Character 9 (Devoured Threadbare)

To get this final secret character, you have to go to a spot. Keep walking avoiding the fire. Go into the back room here. You will find the secret character 8, but you do not end the game. You just need to get into a room blocked by fire. Follow the only path. Open the door and touch Vacuum cleaner. Then, the final secret character is found here.

To get the guide for detail, you can watch a video from Gallant Gaming entitled How To Unlock ALL Secret Characters (1-9) in Roblox Afton’s Family Diner at

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