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If you like games about heroes, then Age of Heroes is one of the games that you are able to play in Roblox. Have you tried playing this game? New players of this game may be curious whether in this game we need codes to redeem for getting rewards as in some other games in Roblox. So, let’s find out about it.

About Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes is one of games which was created by Ignite Games on April 6th, 2020. So, this game is new. Even though this game is new, now this game has been visited more than 25 million times and has been favorited 214k times. This game is able to be played 30 players on each server and this game is categorized into a Fighting genre. So, if you like something related to Fighting or Heroes, this game may be suitable for you.

In this game, you have to choose your own superpowers and upgrade them as you level up by fighting. You can be a respected Superhero by defeating Villains and Criminals. Or, you are able to be a feared Supervillain by committing crimes and defeating Heroes.

In this game, there will be enemies and it depends if you are a hero or villain. If you choose as a hero, you are able to fight crime and defeat thugs. If you choose to be a villain, you are able to fight the citizens and police.You fight to obtain experience and cash for cosmetics and abilities.If you want to get a lot of experience., you are able to fight other players with high reputation.

In this game, you are able to find 12 different abilities to unlock and upgrade the powers including flight, super speed, wall crawling, fireball, ice cloud, lightning bolt, web swinging, energy blast, telekinesis, energy shield, metal skin, and laser vision. Also, there are traits to upgrade which change your main power such as vitality, healing, strength, and energy. Cosmetics are also available in the game such as super suites and masks. For now, there are 19 suits and 11 masks.

If you want to see how this game is before you try, you can watch some videos on Youtube such as:

  • A video of RoPo Playz entitled Roblox – Ages of Heroes which was uploaded on May 22nd, 2020.
  • A video of PotatoSaladMan entitled I Reach… Max Level Superhero Powers! (Age of Heroes) which was uploaded on June 16th, 2020.

Codes in Age of Heroes Games

After we searched on some sources, it seems that in this game, there are no codes needed to use. As we know that in Roblox there are a number of games where they have codes and we have to enter the codes there to be able to get rewards. Usually, the developers share the codes in their Twitter account.

But, for this Age of Heroes games, there are no codes that you are able to redeem for now. So, just play the games well and fairly. If there are codes that you can redeem, the developer of course will announce it.

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