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Do you know that in Arsenal game you are able to double jump? This action will be beneficial when you have to reach higher areas or to escape from danger. How to do it? In the next paragraph, we give you the detailed explanation to do double jump.

How To Double Jump

How to do the double jump in Arsenal game in Roblox? If you want to double jump in Arsenal, you need specific weapons which will permit you to be able to jump twice in the game. If you have one of these weapons equipped, you are able to hit the spacebar twice on the PC or you are able to double tap the jump button on mobile to execute a second jump. Generally, you do not have much control over which guns and weapons that you are able to get to use in Arsenal. So, just have to wait until you are equipped with one of them randomly.

In the list below, they are the weapons that you are able to double jump with.

  • Lever Shotgun
  • Spencer Carbine
  • Henry Rifle
  • Ice Stars
  • Golden Knife

If you have one of these weapons equipped, you are able to jump into the air and hit the jump button again to be able to get a second boost. Double jump is useful to get up to higher areas quickly or escape from harm. Also, it is worthwhile when you are on the Golden Knife and you are trying to surprise someone to be able to get the elimination.

Actually, there is another way that you can do if you want to double jump. What is it? You are able to use certain weapons to fire at the ground so that it will launch you in the air. However, it is more of a boost. Usually, you will jump prior to doing this so you will get a bigger boost. Here are the weapons that you are able to use.

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Razor Bomb
  • DBS
  • Concussion Rifle
  • DB Shotgun

You will not take fall damage in this game. So, if you launch yourself high into the air, it is great for surprising your opponent or getting to an area that players will not expect you to be in. But, you need to note that you will take 1 damage from exploding yourself upward. So, if you are at 1 health, make sure that you do not do it.

About Arsenal

Arsenal is an FPS game in Roblox. It was created by ROLVe Community on August 18th, 2015. Each server of this game is able to be filled with 16 maximum players. When this article was being created, this game has been visited more than 1.4 billion times and has been favorited more than 4.7 million times.

Now, this game can support R15, gamepad, mobile and also has a lot of new and wacky weapons to be able to be used to fight your way to the top with. In this game, you are able to get a lot of badges as well.

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