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A game is usually updated every certain time. In the update, usually the developers fix the bugs in the previous version and also add some new features. Updating a game is important because it will make players more comfortable to be in the game. And here, we will show you the Arsenal Update Log.

Arsenal has got a lot of updates over the years. If you want to know the details of the update log, you are able to go to the Discord of Arsenal and then access the Update Log section. Some big updates have been named usually it contains features which are related to the name. The last update of this game was on June 20th, 2020 and the current game version ID is 6472. Here, we will inform you the update logs during 2020. Here they are.

Arsenal Minor Monday Update

This update was on February 10, 2020. What are the things that were added in this update? Here they are.

  • New Shop. In this update, there are eight daily items, a new melee case and bundles.
  • Bundles. Items which are available in bundles are still obtainable from cases and the daily shop.
  • Bridge. It joins the public map pool as well with a new update to the map.
  • New Items. There are new items in this update. The new character skin is Janitor. There are also new community kill effects including Rocket, Confuse, Soap and Chemistry. In addition, there is also a new melee, Mop.

Arsenal Valentines Event Update

This update was on February 14th, 2020. In this update, you are able to play and get 3,500 kills to be able to unlock items. It ends on February 22nd, 2020. This Valentine’s event has 1 kill effect, 1 melee, 2 emotes and 1 skin.

New Community Maps Update

This update was on March 18th, 2020. Here, you are able to find three maps which are available on public servers. Diner, Midtown and Vertigo join the map pool on public servers.

Arsenal Showtime Update

This update was on March 20th, 2020. This game is back with a roaring theme celebrating a century of time passed. Here, you are able to experience new Arsenal content with the ultra vintage 1920s theme. Here are the things that you find in this update.

  • New Characters: Aviator, News Girl, Gal, News Boy, Sailor, Worker and Labourer. Also, there is a new style for Mobster: Hitman.
  • New Weapons: Inertial Shotgun, DB Chauchat, Kolibri, M1919A6 Machine Gun, BAR, and Springfield Rifle.
  • New Gamemode: Arcade. Here, you are able to fight in an even faster paced battle with weapon pickups, stat changes, faster moving speed, no reloading and double jumping for all weapons.
  • New Emote: Showtime Swing
  • New Map: Tuscan
  • Other changes:

o   Now, Free For All is a team type, not a gamemode.

o   There are Muzzle flash and bullet trail visual improvements.

o   Certain impact particles are changed.

o   There is a new display setting for vintage filters for free for all.

Arsenal Community Ops Update

This update was on May 16th, 2020 and the new things are listed below.

  • New high priority location
  • New Operatives: Ready to deploy. Those are Rookie, Breacher, Merc, Ghillie, and Grunt.
  • New Weapons: Tavor TS12, FMG9, and PP-19 Bizon which are tools to take down hostiles from range. And also Shovel, Sledge Hammer, Combat Knife, and Tactical Knife which can be used to execute CQC.
  • New effects: Nuclear.

Arsenal Summer Update

It was done on June 20th, 2020.

  • There are Sandtown, Kitchen Khaos, Poolside, adn Beach.
  • Weapons

New Guns: G36, Lightning Cannon, Paintball Gun, Banana Gun, Sunflower Son, Dual Shotguns, Literal Gun, Origami, Water Balloon, Z80 remastered & Flamethrower

New Melees: Katana, Paddle, Baton, Saber, Calculator, Newspaper, Wrench & Literal Melee

  • Weapon Skins. You can decorate your weapons with equipable skins. You can unbox weapons skins from the new Skins Case. Once equipped, all weapons will show the skin.
  • Characters. There are 30 new characters joining the battle.
  • Battle Pass. You can get exclusive rewards with the Arsenal Battlepass.

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