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Placeit is the name of a powerful online mockup, video, and design template generator. With this one, you are able to create all of your branding and marketing digital assets directly from your browser without downloading complicated software.

The avatar maker called Placeit will help you to make a fantastic avatar for your Roblox gaming channel and too brand all your social media. Keeping a consistent look on all your channels is not easier compared to before. You will not need any special skills or complicated softwares. With it, you are able to create your image right from your browser and in just a few clicks.

There are some different styles of avatars for your gaming channels and social media. Those include cute anime-like characters, cartoonish avatars, illustrations and many more. Feel free to choose the avatar that goes with you and start customizing.

Then, how to make an avatar on Placeit? The first thing that you have to do to make an avatar on Placeit is to go to the official website of Placeit. Then, go to the Avatar Generator library and choose the template that you like the most for your channel. Fortunately, you are able to fully customize each avatar. Then, you are able to move around your avatar and customize in order to match your gaming spirit. Feel free to change avatars, colors, type of your gaming username and choose a font. Once you have finished making your Roblox avatar, you can just simply click on the Download button to get your avatar and post it right away.

Actually, there is a feature to edit your avatar in Roblox. It can be done by tapping Avatar located on the navigation menu. on the Avatar Editor page, you need to tap on any of the available pull-down menus, and choose a category such as hat, hair, face, and so on. For those who have multiple items for a given part, please scroll down until the item that you want is located. Once selected, you need to tap on the item-icon which will highlight it in green. In case you want to add more than the soft-limit (for example, more than three hats) of a given item, please tap Advanced that can be found in the lower right corner. According to the official website of Roblox, you are able to add up to 10 items by inputting the Asset ID.

Changing the items or clothes might be fun, but sometimes you want to change the color of the skin. If you want to change the skin color, please follow these steps. First, navigate to the Avatar section of your account on the left page. Second, move your cursor over the Body pull-down menu, and choose Skin Tone. Third, tap on a color to change the look of your whole avatar. Fourth, tap Advanced in the lower right corner if you want a different color for individual body parts. Fifth, tap on a body part and then choose the color that you want.

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