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When you are playing a game in Roblox, you may ever find the game that allows you to use the codes within. Of course, not all games require the players to use the code to get the rewards. But most of the games offer the code to use.

In Roblox, you probably play the game named Azure Mines. This game has become one of players’ favorites in Roblox. In fact, this game will allow you to explore the mines area with secret locations to gain some ores. Unfortunately, not all players can gain the ores in this location because of some issues.

Azure Mines is a kind of mining style game created by Berezaa in which you are allowed to mine away at many different assortments of ores. The rank of this game is depending on the depth of your mine. Moreover, the deepest secrets lie within you and your trusty powerful pickaxe.

In addition, the Azure Mines is recently in limited-access testing, an early stage of development. Of course, you can also join the group of Azure Mines fans to find out more facts about the game when publis testing is happening. The group of Azure Mines fans is Azure Mines Official Group created by reactionless that you can find at!/about.

In this game, you are in charge of restoring an old mining facility back to its former glory. You can use the ore that you uncover in the Azure Mines to rebuild your base. The Azure Mines progression sets include a unique tycoon element, tons of detailed hand-designed ore, a robust building system, massive randomly-generated caves and an integrated level progression.

In the Azure Mines, you are not required to use the codes to get the ores. In this case, to get more ores, you need to know the variety of ores, then, you should know in which depth each kind of ores will be mined. So, we will not give you the Azure Mines secret code on this article.

To help you get a reference to mine the ores, here we have the information from a YouTube channel named Lazer1785 entitled Azure Mines: Where to find ALL ores at

On the video, he showed any kinds of ores that you can mine in the Azure Mines game. He also gave in which depth you can find them. Here are they:

  • Stone 1 – 2167
  • Moonstone 1 – 1
  • Silver 20 – 1999
  • Sapphire 115 – 1999
  • Emerald 300 – 1999
  • Opal 1 – 3
  • Coal 3 – 2167
  • Diamond 400 – 1999
  • Dragonglass 2000 – 2167
  • Ruby 66 – 1999
  • Uranium 800 – 1999
  • Gold 250 – 1999
  • Amethyst 1 – 1999
  • Kappa 1337 420 69
  • Serendibite 997 – 999
  • Plutonium 1000 – 1999
  • Illuminunium 666
  • Topaz cave only
  • Copper 10 – 2167
  • Baryte 1000 – 1999
  • Iron 5 – 1999
  • Painite 2000 – 2167
  • Rainbonite 1000 – 2000 caves only
  • Azure 1400 – 1999
  • Unobtainium 50 – 2167

Of course, we just show the measure of depth in finding the variety of ores. If you want to get more, you are able to look for the information from other videos or forums. Hopefully, you can get it.

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