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Bakon game is one of favorite horror games in Roblox which is mostly played. This game is definitely inspired by Piggy & Survive the Killer. In this case, you are able to be Bakon to collect all 12 badges to unlock 12,000 Bacoins and the exclusive Porker Skin.

Of course, to play the Bakon game, you must have the codes to get any Bakon rewards. The bakon rewards generally comes with Knife and Bacoins. Certainly, knives and bacoins in Bakon game are really needed to allow you do anything within the game. That’s why you should have the codes to gain them.

Then, are you a bit hard to get the Bakon codes? In this case, you do not have to worry because we are here to give you the codes. Here are they:

Active Bakon Codes

Here is a list of valid Roblox Bakon Codes:

  • StinkyRoman: Use this code to gain the Roman knife with this code
  • 2onMe: Use this code to gain 2,000 free bacoins
  • Pride2020: Use this code to gain Pride knife
  • Chapter11Thanks: Use this code to gain the Chromatic knife
  • 50inBag: Use this code to gain 3,000 free bacoins
  • NewRecord4: Use this code to gain 2,000 free bacoins
  • EventS00n: Use this code to gain 700 free bacoins (2 zeros)
  • 5k3tch: Use this code to gain the Sk3tch knife skin
  • ThanksKev: Use this code to get the Kev knife skin
  • Cleetus: Use this code to gain the Flamingo knife skin
  • Celebrate200M: Use this code to gain the Celebration knife skin

Expired Bakon Codes

You can’t totally use those codes below to get any rewards because they are expired.

  • ThanksFor200: Gain some free bacoins
  • CoolCarbon: Gain the CarbonWrap knife skin
  • Sorry4Delay: Gain 400 free bacoins
  • 100MSurprise: Gain 600 free bacoins
  • FleurNation: Gain the Fleur knife skin
  • 60MGift: Gain 400 free bacoins
  • MoonLitNight: Gain the Midnight Howler knife skin
  • Graffiti: Gain the Graffiti knife skin
  • 25MGift: Gain 400 free bacoins
  • RazorFishGaming: Gain the Razor Blade knife skin
  • K1NG: Gain the Sovereign knife skin
  • RedPetal: Gain a new knife skin
  • R0M4N: Gain the Roman knife skin
  • ILoveCarbon: Gain the Carbon Wrap knife skin

Why do we show the expired Bakon codes here? Of course, there are many players who still use the expired codes to gain any rewards when playing Bakon. However, they find the codes from untrusted sources, so they are easily fooled. It means that we show them here to help you and forget those codes.

What to do with bacoins and knives in Bakon game?

You may be curious of how to use the bacoins and knives in Bakon game. Of course, the existence of them is not without cause. In this case, the bacoins can be used to buy various cosmetics. You can totally obtain the different skins for your Bakon character. Or you can buy the different skins for the knife that you can use to hunt down other players.

To redeem the codes, you can click on the Twitter icon on the upper left corner of the screen. Then, enter the code in the new window. Press enter to gain the Bakon rewards. Are you still in doubt for it?

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