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In Roblox, there is a Big Paintball game which is based on an FPS game. This game was created by BIG Games on July 24th, 2019 and now this game has been visited more than 435 million times. Since this game is about FPS, one of the most important things is of course choosing the best gun. So, what is the best gun in this game?

There are a number of guns that you are able to choose in this game. And if you ask about the best gun, it depends on what things that you need because every gun has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Deagle As The Best Gun

Deagle is considered as the best gun in the game. It is a semi-automatic paintball gun which has really good range and good projectile speed. If you are a new player, this gun will be good for you to use. If we compare it to other cheap weapons, this gun wins easily. This gun is also powerful in FFA due to its good range.

The Deagle gun is one of the most popular guns in the game. In the shop, it is the third item. This gun is also light in weight so it can give you more mobility and speed. This gun is best to be used in longer-ranged combat. So, this gun is recommended for you who are new players in Big Paintball because its range is higher than any other starter weapon and also this gun is cheap.

Other Weapons in Big Paintball

The Big Paintball game offers you a number of weapons. There is a default weapon which is the paintball gun everyone starts off with. This gun is a semi-automatic gun which has medium range and paintball speed.

There is also SMG. What is it? It is an automatic paintball gun which has the similar range and paintball speed as Default, except with a higher fire rate.

How about Akimbo Uzi? This weapon is a spray and pray weapon. It is an automatic paintball gun which has an awesome fire rate. Unfortunately, the range and paintball speed are very poor. At close range, this gun is very good but it is easily countered at longer ranges by using long-range guns like the deagle.

UMP is another weapon that you can find in the Big Paintball game of Roblox. This is a cheap SMG and has a very fast fire rate, but bad range. For the price which is cheap, this weapon is very good at close range and good at medium range as long as you are able to aim well. Because the bullets fall really fast, this weapon performs poorly at long range. If you are a new player, you are able to use the weapon. However, it is better if you buy another weapon as soon as possible.

P90 is an SMG. This weapon has a very fast fire rate but poor range. At close range, this weapon is good, but at longer ranges, it is less powerful  because of the high bullet drop. This weapon is very powerful against groups of enemies.

There are still more weapons that you are able to use in this game. Just explore them and use what you need.

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