Roblox BSS How Long to Kill Stump Snail

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How long to kill the Stump Snail in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator? If you want to find out that information, you have to read this article until the end. Here we are going to share some information related to the Stump Snail in Roblox BSS. Make sure that you find out the information you want.

The Stump Snail is a level 6 mob in Roblox BSS. It defends the Stump Field. Based on the research, the Stump Snail has 30,000,000 health when it first spawns and moves in a circular pattern around the field. However, it does not attempt to attack the player, along with having a very low speed, similar to real life snails. The Stump Snail does 30 damage to the player without defense, but only if the player is located at the head or the front of the shell. That lets the player move around the back of the shell and gather tokens without being damaged.

After being defeated, it is going to take 96 hours (4 days) to respawn. If you have Gifted Vicious Bee, the time is reduced to 81 hours and 36 minutes (about 3.4 days). The health of the Stump Snail is going to save until it is defeated. This prevents the players from having to start over and can let the players defeat the Snail in multiple sessions to avoid fatigue. So, how long does it take you to kill Stump Snail? The answer is about 4 hours.


  • If you are able to stay behind the shell and head of the Stump Snail, so you are able to go inside of it without being damaged. This is able to be useful for gathering tokens which are hidden without taking any damage.
  • Having fighting the bees, such as the Lion Bee, Rage Bee, or the Vicious Bee will help defeat the Stump Snail faster. For your information, the Spicy Bee is able to produce an Inferno ability token to spawn in two additional Fire Bees. Tadpole Bee is able to produce a Summon Frog ability token that spawns a frog to attack the snail. Frogs will not chase the snail, so the players have to guide them to it.
  • As a player, you have to wear the equipment that can boost the attack of their bees, especially the guards and masks; more specifically the Fire Mask or Demon Mask.
  • If you have a Cub Buddy, the buddy is able to gather tokens you would otherwise not be able to collect while AFK. This will make defeating the Snail while AFK much faster.
  • A player with the Coconut Canister is able to intentionally trigger the Emergency Coconut Shield to get a short attack boost to speed up the process.
  • The stingers are able to help boost attack greatly, oil is able to increase Bee Movespeed, and tropical drinks are going to increase Critical Chance. But, try to use them only when you need to.

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