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Roblox Got Talent is known as the Roblox version of the international Got Talent brand. This one is currently uploaded to Youtube, and has no plans to debut on a TV network. The popular way of applying is asking through Roblox chat, however it has been known that an application has been submitted through the Discord, which although named Friends Universe, is joinable by anyone. Discord is the most recommended one for you to apply as the hashtags of Roblox prevent some words.

Roblox Got Talent has a 100 auditioner limit and a Google Form for contestants to enter. Each contestant will choose their talent on the form with a choice of parkour, singing, piano, and comedy. For those who want to perform something with piano, you will need piano sheets.

You are able to find the piano sheets on Trello, a free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything. You are able to find the piano sheets by category. Once you find piano sheets of a song that you are looking for, you just have to click it to get the sheets shown. Then, you are able to copy the whole piano sheet and paste it on somewhere.

Talking about Roblox Got Talent, once 75 contestants are eliminated and only 25 of them remain, all auditions from that point forward will be recorded and uploaded to the place where the community can vote on their favorite acts called Youtube. From there, there is an elimination day where the contestants walk on stage and there is suspense like they do on the real show before shattering their dreams. Participants in-game would be on the Audience team and teleported onto the stage in the order they are assigned, the standard host system will not be used.

As for judges, they would be selected based on activity in-game and on the Discord, as well as their maturity and community standing. There are currently some judges.

  • The first one is IDrGary. This one is the most important on the show. He is known as the main builder of the game and decides the judges and staff roles. The person sometimes shits in his pants for the Roblox Got Talent group.
  • The second one is DRCarter649. This one is one of the co-owners of the game. He is known as a builder of the game and is a member of Roblox Dev Team. He is able to select roles for users under the Admin role.
  • The third one is named stobartbgt. This one is a judge on the show. He is known as a builder of the game and is a member of Roblox Got Talent’s Admin Team. Stobartbgt’s time on the show started in February of 2018, making him the newest judge on Roblox Got Talent. If you are wondering about the longest surviving judge of the show, he is Ballisticbil. This one plays the roles of two characters in the game, Bill and Kate.

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