Roblox HD Admin How to Make Yourself Owner

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Do you want to make yourself owner of Roblox HD Admin? If so, you need to learn how to add Admin Commands to your Roblox place. Now, you are able to keep staying on this page as here we are going to share the way to add Admin Commands to your Roblox place.

Apparently, there are some steps that you have to do to add Admin Commands to your Roblox place. Here are steps:

  • At the first step, you have to open up the Roblox library and navigate to HD Admin. You are able to use other admins such as Adonis and Kuros. We are using HD Admin as it is open-source and the most up-to-date admin (since 2019).
  • After that, you have to take a copy of the model by clicking the green Get button. Doing so is going to add the admin to your inventory.
  • Then, you have to head to the Create page (at the top-left of your screen). This is going to open up a list of your Games.
  • Now, you are able to find the place for which you want to add Admin Commands. If you do not have a game, you are able to click Create New Game and create your game.
  • The next step that you have to do is to click the Edit on the right-side of the game. This is going to open up Roblox Studio for that game.
  • In the top bar, you are able to click VIEW and load up the Explorer and Toolbox.
  • In the Toolbox, please navigate to Inventory. This is going to load up the inventory we added the admin to.
  • Afterwards, you have to click and drag HD Admin into your place. This is going to add the admin to your Explorer.
  • Now, you are able to click FILE (in the upper-left corner of the window). A drop-down menu is going to appear.
  • You have to select Publish to Roblox. This is going to save the changes to your game.
  • On your game’s home page, you are able to press the green ► button.
  • Finally, now you have Admin commands in your game. Do not forget to type ;cmds (or :cmds if not HD Admin) to view the commands list. You will be able to execute commands in-game by chatting.

Talking about this, here we also want to share some Roblox Admin Commands available in Roblox.

  • Fire: Starts a fire.
  • Kill: Kills the player.
  • Loopkill: Kills the player over.
  • Ff: Makes a force field around the player.
  • Unff: Erases the force field.
  • Sparkles: Makes your player sparkly.
  • Unfire: Stops the fire.
  • Jump: Makes your character jump.
  • Bighead: Makes the player’s head bigger.
  • Minihead: Makes the player’s head smaller.
  • Normal head: Returns the head to the normal size.
  • Unsparkles: Nullifies the sparkles command.
  • Smoke: Makes smoke around the player.
  • Unsmoke: Turns off the smoke.

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