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Are you curious about the items which can give effects in Roblox? There are a lot of items that can give effects actually. The effects can be fire, sparkle, and even noise. If you want to make your avatar more awesome with it, then you are able to buy one or some of them.

According to Roblox Wikia, these are the items which can give special effects in Roblox.

Binary Banded Boss White Hat Hiccup’s (Improved) Helmet
Binary Bunny Ears of Eggcellence Infernal Undead Immortal Sword
Blazeburner Kidomaru the Cursed Blade
Blazeburner – Wings Kijo the Vengeful Samurai – Back Banner
Blue Banded Boss White Hat Korblox Grand Marshal
Bluesteel Horns of Pwnage Lost Souls Headrow
Boss White Hat Mushirio Nightwatchman
Brighteye’s Bloxy Cola Hat Mushirio Nightwatchman Hat
Brighteyes’ Witches Brew Hat Poisoned Horns of the Toxic Wasteland
Cursed Flames Purple Banded Boss White Hat
Davy Bazooka Rbadam’s Smokestack Top Hat
Davy Bazooka – Bazooka Red Banded Boss White Hat
Doomsekkar Ship It!
Druid’s Enchanted Staff Singed Scientist Hair
Egg of Destiny Snow Queen’s Necklace
Elemental Crystal Golem Sparkle Time Classic Pumpkin
Elemental Crystal Golem – Shoulder Rock Sparkle Angel Wings
Fall Fairy Spring Fairy
Fiery Horns of the Netherworld St Patrick’s Day Fairy
Flaming Mohawk Telamon’s Chicken Suit
Frozen Horns of the Frigid Planes The Dusekkar
Ghosdeeri Thoroughly – Tested Hat of QA
Ghost Back Lantern Transient Harmonica
Gold Sparkle Time Banded Boss White Hat Trial of  Development
Golden Sparkling Wings Ud’zal
Winter Fairy

What do you think with these items? Have you bought one or some of them? Among the items above, there is a hat, a bundle and other types of items. The availability of them are also various. Some of them are still available but some others may not. There are also items which are just available to buy only on special days.

So, what items are you interested in? If you need a back accessory, you can get Kidomaru the Cursed Blade. This item was published into Roblox on March 17th, 2020 and will be available until 2023. So, you still have time to buy it. It is an exclusive item which can be obtained by buying the Xbox One S Roblox Bundle. In game, this item will emit smoke and fire particles.

If you need a funny hat to make your avatar look funny, you can buy Telamon’s Chicken Suit. If your avatar wears it in a game, every nearby player who turns up his volume will be able to hear periodic clucking noises which emit from the Chicken Suit.

If you want to look like an angel, then you are able to buy Sparkling Angel Wings. This item is able to be bought for 1,000 Robux and if your avatar wears in, it will emit sparkles in-game. The wings have a pair of blueish-white feathery wings which look cool to wear.

If you want to know about each of the items above, you are able to access Roblox and find the item that you want or you can access Roblox Wikia to find the detailed information about each item.

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