Roblox Mad Murderer Knife Gear Code (ID)

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Mad Murderer Knife is a gear that was published by Roblox into the catalog of Roblox on August 8, 2014. You will be able to purchase this Mad Murderer Knife gear for 500 Robux. Since August 30, 2019, it has been purchased 47,195 times and favorited 26,036 times.

Based on the research, Mad Murderer Knife is a weapon based on the game of “The Mad Murderer” made by loleris. This gear is a one-hit KO gear, when the users are hit with this knife, the victim is going to scream before the break apart and respawns. In fact, this Mad Murderer knife is based on the modern version of the KA-BAR knife. You may want to know the code of Mad Murderer Knife gear, so you are at this page. You have to know that Mad Murderer Knife Gear code isĀ 170897263.

As we explain above, Mad Murderer Knife is a gear based on the game of “The Mad Murderer”. For those who never play that game of Roblox Mad Murderer, you may want to know its gameplay. The following text is an explanation about the gameplay of Mad Murderer. There is a classic mode on Mad Murderer. Usually, the Classic game mode occurs the most commonly in Roblox Mad Murderer. Also, it is regarded as the main gameplay of the whole game.

On the game of Mad Murderer. There are an innocent, a sheriff and a murderer. If you play as an innocent, you have to avoid the murderer and witness his or her crimes. You are able to be a sheriff when you touch a revolver surrounded with sparkles after the sheriff is killed. If you play the game as a sheriff, you need to identify the murderer and kill him or her. You have to know that killing an innocent bystander will also kill the sheriff, allowing any other living bystander to become the sheriff.

Lastly, if you are a murderer, you have to kill all the innocent bystanders while at the same time you must also avoid the sheriff. But, the murderer has special abilities, such as Identifier, Fury, Exploding Knife, Bulletproof, Laser Knife, Invisiknife, and Spam Knife to make surviving or killing the murderer more difficult.

All players have access to a shop where they will be able to buy murderer abilities, knife textures, and gear to bring into the rounds. Also, the players are able to buy the cosmetics. In the game, there is the Murderer Madness game mode. Usually, the Murderer Madness game mode occurs every 5 to 7 seven rounds in a row.

In this mode, you will be given a knife, with your customizations, and the murderer ability. The game clock starts at 100 seconds, having the knife 10 seconds after. Every person killed adds 10 more seconds onto the round, and the round ends once there is one person who left standing. For note: The Identifier and Disguiser abilities do not work in this Murderer Madness game mode.

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