Roblox Making Slenderman an Account

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Have you heard about Slenderman? It is a fictional supernatural character. It comes from a creepypasta internet meme made by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen in 2009. He depicted the character as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid with a featureless head and face which is wearing a black suit.

Now, how will it be if we make Slenderman an account on Roblox? Well, PrestonGamez did it. In his Youtube video entitled Roblox Making Slenderman An Account which was uploaded on October 8th, 2018, he showed us how to make a Roblox account for Slenderman.

The first thing that Preston did in the video was to find a suit. He went to the Catalog and tried to find a suit for his avatar. Then, he entered Slenderman in the search bar to find the suit and surprisingly the results are the suits. Then, he also tried to search the pants and he got it. He chose to buy Slenderman pants which was uploaded by Sweden Studios and it costs 10 Robux. Preston said that this pants is the ideal pants for the avatar to be a Slenderman. It is because the shoes are glossy black and this pants has the details which have a beautiful look. The pants have like the little crease near the knees.

After buying the pants, then he went back to the catalog to find the suit. The suit that he was looking for is a suit without a pocket because It is the one the Slenderman wears. Then, he found the suit named ### Suit Top with Pocket Square which was uploaded by Chicken Express. This suit costs 10 Robux. But, he did not wear this suit for the avatar. He just bought it and kept searching. Then, he use Slendermen as a keyword in the search bar and he found the suit that he wanted, a suit without a pocket. The name of the suit is Slendermen Tuxedo which was uploaded by bigbabar. He thought that it was pretty good. But unfortunately, this suit is not for sale.

Then, he found another one and the name of the suit is Sale | Slendermen Tuxedo which was uploaded by Joe’s Clothing. This suit costs 7 Robux and he bought it. Now, he went to the Avatar Editor to make the avatar wear the items that he just bought. He customized the body of the avatar and then made it to wear the suit that he just bought so that it can look like a Slenderman.

For the face, he bought Evil Skeptic which costs 12,780 Robux and put it on his avatar. For accessories, he also bought Enormous Spider Legs which costs 2,000 Robux. Then, he puts it in the back of his avatar.

Well, do you want to know what this Slenderman avatar looks like? You are able to watch the video of Preston until the end. The title of the video is Roblox Making Slenderman an Account and you can watch it on his Youtube video named PrestonGamez. When this article was being created, this video has been watched more than 6 million times.

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