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In Roblox, the term Object Whatever is used to call the object show RP game on Roblox created by Taco People Productions on July 21, 2017. This one currently has more than 1M visits. It is a crossover roleplay game based on object shows. It is a BFDI RP, a BFB RP, an Inanimate Insanity RP and many more, all in one. In the game, you are able to mix and max characters and maps to live out your wildest scenarios.

There are a lot of characters in the Object Whatever to choose from. Here is the list of object show in which characters are able to be chosen from:

  • Battle For Dream Island
  • Battle For Dream Island Again
  • Battle For BFDI
  • Inanimate Insanity
  • Object Overload
  • TWOW
  • Brawl Of the Objects
  • Object Show 87
  • Object Mayhem
  • Object Havoc
  • Object Terror
  • Object Lockdown
  • Challenge to Win
  • Object Invasion
  • The Struggle For the World
  • Object Universe
  • Battle for The Respect of Roboty
  • TROC
  • Open Source Objects
  • EEE
  • Modern Objects
  • Through The Woods
  • Yet Another Gameshow
  • Object Filler
  • Object Filler Again
  • Object Mayhem II

Object Whatever is part of the Object Shows. Aside from that, there is a thing called Super Smash Bros. Object Show, which is also more known as S SBOS. It is a crossover fighting video game. In the game, there are confirmed and unconfirmed characters. One of them is Glovey, or Mittens in Germany. Glovey is included in ButterBlazinken230’s OCs. Do you want to know more about Glovey or Mittens?

The green body of Glovey is in the shape of a glove. As you can see, his body is a rubber, but somehow has his organs inside. There is a grey ring at the wrist part of the glove. His legs are below this. As for his arms, they are on the side of his body.

Talking about the personality of Glovey, he is a classic cool character. A lot of girls love him and he is really popular. Each threat that comes his way is just laughed off, making it a joke. He is practically immune to verbal abuse.

In the thing called Clash for Object Supermacy or CFOS, Glovey had the idea of auditioning to be a team captain, only to use his popularity because of that to not get eliminated. The sad news is that the plan backfired on him, as he got the least amount of votes to be a team captain, which was 3. For your information, the ones who did become team captains were Cherries (who is the team captain of his team) and Spikey Ruler.

Here is the trivia of Glovey. First, he is actually one of the biggest Clash for Object Supermacy characters, next to Blue Tetramino and Snowball. Second, he might be a sociopath because of dialogue in CFOS 6: Gobble It Up.

In conclusion, there is no way to unlock mittens or gloves in Object Whatever as there are no such things called mittens or gloves in the game.

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