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Parkour is a game made by hudzell. The main gameplay focus is to run through a large city and overcome obstacles like vents on top of buildings. In the game, you are able to perform tricks like a Long Jump to reach new buildings and collect points. Playing the game will be challenging to the new players because it is often required to learn a new movement technique to advance into new regions.

Talking about the game of Roblox Parkour, now you may want to know about Parkour Script GUI. Actually, to find the script you are able to go to the site of Pastebin. It is the best site in providing the scripts. So, if you want to find the Roblox scripts, you do not hesitate to visit the Pastebin site. Fortunately, you do not go anywhere. In this page, we are going to share Roblox Parkour Script GUI. Please look at the text below.

local player = game:service(“Players”).LocalPlayer

local mouse = player:GetMouse()

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera

local char = player.Character

local Torsoz = char:findFirstChild(“Torso”)

local RA = char:findFirstChild(“Right Arm”)

local LA = char:findFirstChild(“Left Arm”)

local RL = char:findFirstChild(“Right Leg”)

local LL = char:findFirstChild(“Left Leg”)

local H = char:findFirstChild(“Head”)

local Hu = char:findFirstChild(“Humanoid”)

local RS = Torsoz:findFirstChild(“Right Shoulder”)

local LS = Torsoz:findFirstChild(“Left Shoulder”)

local RH = Torsoz:findFirstChild(“Right Hip”)

local LH = Torsoz:findFirstChild(“Left Hip”)

local N = Torsoz:findFirstChild(“Neck”)

local NV =,0,0)

local FOV = 70

local Shift, Space, Sitting = false,false,false

local GravPoint = 0

local Diving = false

local DivingCooldown = 0

local DivingDir = NV

local DivingCF =,0,0)

local DivingBG, DivingBV

local HWallRunning = false

local HWRGravDrop = false

local HWRLastPart

local HWRCooldown = 0

local HWRDir

local VWallRunning = false

local VWRLastPart

local VWRCooldown = 0

local VWRLeft,VWRRight = false,false

local Sliding = false

local SlideCooldown = 0

local Standing = true

local Action = “Standing”

local animplus = true

local animspeed = 0

local animangle = 0.01

local Joint1, Joint2, Joint3, Joint4, Joint5

This is some parts of Roblox Parkour Script GUI. If you want to know the script fully, you are able to click this link; For your information, the script uploaded by JUSTINKOLOSE3095. However, this Roblox Parkour Script GUI made by wistfulandrei. We get information that there are many Roblox players who visit the site of Pastebin to copy this Roblox Parkour Script.

In addition, here we are going to share the way to find Roblox Parkour Script GUI on Pastebin. The first thing that you have to do is visit the site of Pastebin. When you reach the homepage of Pastebin site, you are able to move your cursor to the top center of the page where the search bar is located. After that, you have to type any Roblox scripts that you are looking for, in this case, you want to look for Roblox Parkour Script GUI. Please press the Enter button to see the result. There may be some results shown. In this case, you only need to focus to find the right one, Roblox Parkour Script GUI. After you find the scripts, you are able to copy it and paste it on your Roblox account.

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