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For those who want to know the information about Roblox Particle IDs, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to share a list of Roblox Particle IDs. Make sure that you do not miss any information.


Here are some Roblox Particle IDs:

  • Cupcake Particle: Roblox ID 137302419
  • Music Symbols Particle: Roblox ID 168314095
  • Costa Coffee Particle: Roblox ID 348378444
  • Wings Particle: Roblox ID 554128889

  • Fire crossbones Particle: Roblox ID 47564275
  • Jake Particle: Roblox ID 75029057
  • Speed Coil Particle: Roblox ID 167171159
  • WWE Particle: Roblox ID 49068711
  • Creeper Particle: Roblox ID 382702559
  • Real Doge Particle: Roblox ID 334065007
  • Cafe Particle: Roblox ID 148705425
  • Smoothie Particle: Roblox ID 645804421
  • MC zombieface Particle: Roblox ID 137580691
  • Japan Flag Particle: Roblox ID 65602505
  • Smoke Particle: Roblox ID 122434485
  • Red Particle: Roblox ID 30899516
  • Orange Particle: Roblox ID 300899453
  • Yellow Particle: Roblox ID 300899419

Well, the text above is a list of Roblox Particle IDs. Now, you will be able to use the IDs.

Talking about Roblox Particle, in this time we are also going to discuss about ParticleEmitter. It is a generic particle system. Based on the research, this class was added on March 20, 2015.


A Particle Emitter allows for the creation of particle systems. is a special effect object which emits customizable 2D billboard particles into the world. On Roblox platform, a particle is a 2D image rendered in the world so that it always faces the camera, much like a BillboardGui with a single ImageLabel in it.

Particle Emitter should be parented to a BasePart (such as a Part) or an Attachment within such a part. The particles spawn randomly in the bounding box of its parent part (for attachments, this is a single point). The particles from a single emitter are going to render so long as this condition is met. If an emitter is ParticleEmitter.Enabled and has a nonzero ParticleEmitter.Rate, it is going to emit particles on its own. Finer control on the number of particles is able to be accomplished using ParticleEmitter:Emit.

Apparently, Roblox provides some pre-made particle effect objects; Fire, Smoke and Sparkles. They behave similarly to a ParticleEmitter, but they are not as customizable. Also, they lack certain particle-controlling ways: ParticleEmitter:Emit and ParticleEmitter:Clear. Aside from that, an Explosion also uses particles, but provides little-to-no control with regards to how the effect looks. If you want to create a particle emitter, you are able to follow these steps below:

  • Choose the object in the Explorer window and insert a ParticleEmitter by using the  (+) icon.
  • After created, it will emit particles in that part’s area. Its parent object also determines the emitter’s direction and rotation.
  • To change the direction of a particle effect without re-orienting its parent part, you are able to use the emitter’s EmissionDirection property.

To learn more about creating, using, and customizing particle emitters, click this link;

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