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Do you want to get a popularity badge in Roblox? But, what badge is it and how to get this badge? As we know that in Roblox, there are a number of badges that you are able to get. Also, there are in-game badges that you are able to get and you can view the badges that you earned in your inventory.

The popularity badge in Roblox is the Bricksmith Badge. So, this badge is given to players when they are able to reach 1,000 place visits. It means that your personal place is popular. If your place has been visited 1,000 times, then you will get this popularity badge. If you have this badge, you are accomplished builders who were able to make a place that people wanted to explore a thousand times. You no doubt know a thing or two about placing bricks together.

It is important for you to know that you do not need to get 1,000 visits on a single place. If you have some places, then Roblox adds up all of the visits in each place and if it equals 1,000 or more, you will be able to get this Bricksmith badge.

Have you seen the image of Bricksmith Badge? The image of this badge is interesting. The shape of this badge is a circle and has a yellow color. There is a palace picture on it which has white color and over the palace picture, there is “1K” which is in white color as well. If you see the badge carefully, you will be able to see that actually the color of this badge is dark yellow in the left part and light yellow in the right part. This is the current image. But, how about the old image of the badge? In the past, the image of a Bricksmith badge was a hammer with a blue box behind it. The hammer is the same as the Super Moderator Badge.

According to Roblox Wiki, the Robloxian who has the most Bricksmith badges is skate36 which holds 5 Bricksmith badges. Then, the Robloxian who has the second highest amount of Bricksmith badges is scorpion67890. He gets 4 Bricksmith badges.

Besides this badge, there are still more badges that you are able to get in Roblox. Some of them are listed below.

  • Homestead Badge: It can be earned by having your personal place visited 100 times.
  • Friendship Badge: If you have embraced the Roblox community and have made at least 20 friends, this badge will be given to you. It means that you are good people to know and can help others out if they face some problems.
  • Official Model Maker Badge: It can be gained by players whose creations are so awesome and Roblox endorsed them.
  • Veteran Badge: It is able to be gained by players who have played Roblox for one year or more.

Some other badges are retired such as Forum Moderator Badge, Image Moderator Badge, Builders Club Badge, Super Moderator Badge, TBC Badge, and OBC Badge.

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