Roblox PWNED 2 How to Get All Classes

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PWNED 2: The Emperor’s Saga is the name of one of the games on the platforms called Roblox. This one was created by Swordphin123 on February 22, 2018. Since the first time its release, it has been visited more than 343.1k time and has been favoured 6,691 times.

For those who have played the first game of the series named PWNED: InCrypt, you will know everything. The first one sets in a world of Cryptius where wars are impossible to stop. There are some villains and some heroes. You need to defeat the Dark Lord before it is too late. After eliminating the final boss in PWNED: InCrypt, the Dark Lord retreated and never returned. 30 years after InCrypt wars, both emperors and empresses rule the nations with the aim to keep the land peaceful, but after a short time, the Dark Lord strikes once more, with not just smarter armies, but a mass full of enemies to destroy the world of Cryptius once and for all. With a package of playable classes and a few classes from PWNED: InCrypt, here comes the new battlefield that will change the Cryptius forever.

In the game called PWNED 2: The Emperor’s Saga, there are classes. What are classes and how to get them? Please read the full article to find out the answers to the questions. Feel free to visit the community of Roblox if you have something to ask.

The new players of the game are given the choice to select one of three starting classes in the main character classes selection screen. They are able to select from Berserker, Sorceress, or Assassin as their main beginner classes.

Unlike PWNED: InCrypt, each class is free but you have to train hard in order to get them. If you train different classes, you are able to see where the direction leads you. For instance, if you train Berserker fully, you may get the Destroyer class or the Old Warrior class, and after getting that and training that fully, you may get the Brutalist or Hammerist. Another instance if you train Sorceress, you are also able to get the Geomancer and after training that certain class, you are able to get the Cleric.

Every class in the selection menu has their own brief explanation and summary of themselves and what the weapon they use. When you move your mouse over them, you are able to see the stats of every soldier and how well you’re progressing them. Once you have chosen the class or soldier you want to play as, you will be taken to the main lobby of PWNED: TES, which is a village. If you want to play as a new class, there is a button named Change Class.

Once you have upgraded and trained each soldier, there is a possibility to unlock. You are able to unlock the last class and the most powerful one. Please train well and you are able to reveal the hidden class for yourself.

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