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In Roblox, you are able to use the scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom in and out. But, what can we do if the scroll wheel does not work to zoom in and out in Roblox? It is surely annoying so that you are not able to enjoy the game fully. Is there any way that we can do to fix this issue?

To be able to fix this issue, you have to make sure that your mouse is in good condition. You are able to try to scroll the scroll wheel of your mouse on another thing such as in a page of a site and then see whether it works or not. If it works, then the problem is not in your mouse. But, if you see that it cannot scroll the page in the site, it means that there is a problem with the mouse that you are using.

If you have done the method above and you see that your mouse is in good condition, then you can try to restart Roblox. You can log out from Roblox and close from it. Then, you can access it again and log in again. Now, you can see whether your scroll wheel works to zoom or not. You can also restart your PC and then see whether your scroll wheel can zoom in and out after restarting or not.

If you have done all of the methods above, but there is no method which can work, you are able to use keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out. On your keyboard, you are able to press ‘O’ to zoom out and press ‘I’ to zoom in in Roblox.

You are not the one who faces this issue because there are also other players who face this problem. You are able to see in Youtube that there are some videos about players who face this issue. If you want to know what it can happen and how to fix it if the methods above cannot work, you are able to visit Roblox forum and ask others about it.

If we talk about zooming, in Roblox you are able to adjust camera angles. You are able to adjust your view up and down. If you want to make your view to be closer to the ground, looking more towards the sky, you are able to look at your keyboard and then find the Page Down key. This key can be found near the ‘delete’, ‘end’ and ‘insert’ keys. When you use this key, you can make it go up.

How about adjusting your view left and right? You are able to press the “.” or “>” keys to be able to make your view turn to the left. If you press the ‘,’ or the ‘<‘ key, you are able to make your view turn to the right.

Well, we hope that this article can help you in finding solution to your issue about your scroll wheel which does not zoom. Thank you for your visit and have a nice day.

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